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You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about Silver Top Taxi. "Great experience handling silver top taxis." Cancel Silver Top Taxis? Silver Top Taxi's history is synonymous with Melbourne.

Headquarters Silver Top Taxi - Finisher

Silver Top Taxi's story is a synonym for Melbourne. In 15 years of founding Melbourne, Joseph Gange founded a Hansom Cabs horsedrawn car ts and cart company, which was to become Silver Top Taxi through the historical Astoria Taxi Company. After a fire, the new Silver Top headquarters and warehouse at the old location Rupert Street Collingwood was reopened.

An ultra-modern complex created by Collingwood's own Baldasso Cortese architect and constructed by the Becton Group is testimony to Victoria's biggest taxiway work. More than $10 million to design and construct, the new property is home to Silver Tops' cutting-edge spacecraft reservation technologies, which enable them to deliver cabs to their clients in the shortest possible times.

A very proud plant director said: "This is probably the best taxi office in the world". Who wouldn't disagree - it's not just a wonderful message, it has already made efficiency for clients and taxi drivers. Kevin Gange, a taxi memory dealer, has also been given a home to display his collections in what is probably Australia's first taxi museum.

Our assignment was to quickly build and build a new Silver Top Taxi head office after the 2009 fire. So the immediate priorities were to quickly reach agreement on a letter and get the project going. Silver Top's new location had to fulfil its goal of providing its employees with an outstanding working atmosphere as well as an enhanced / impressing company identity and surroundings.

It was to be a reserved yet contemporary and adaptable design: the client's programme aim was to complete and commission the plants within 2 years of the consultant's assignment. That' where Silver Top Taxi comes in. The new, ultra-modern main office allows for trainings, a call center and a turntable for driver under one umbrella.

Among the advantages of the new premises, both publicly and culturally, is the establishment of a taxi centre/museum on the groundfloor, where the customer's historical vehicle collections, artifacts and mementoes are displayed. It pays tribute to the works of Jeffrey Smart through the use of repeat and color, which create a powerful and courageous graphical image in the facade decoration.

Silver Top's taxis are designed to represent the city of Melbourne's relations with Silver Top. The metaphoric raster of roads, alleys and open spaces is reflected both in the height and in the layout, in an industry aesthetics that is especially important for the Collingwood area. Melbourne's architectural and architectural landscape and interiors are a blend of its rich culture, industry and transportation legacy.

Outside and inside architecture is based on the Hoddle Raster of the town with its broad roads, Boulevards and Gardens and translates them into whirlpools, office spaces, large workplaces, courtyards and patios. A saw-top shape refers to the industry environment and provides deeper lighting into the room, conveying a feeling of room, lighting and volumes.

Color is an integrated part of the overall look and is used intensively from the ever-present yellows and reds of the facade to the mellow shades of grey and rich shades of wood flooring, wall and ceiling. Sustainablility was an integrated part of the overall concept, from the innovation of our own in-house environment to the choice of material.

One of the most important sustainable characteristics was the elimination of historic degradation on the wasteland. Rainwater is collected for toilets and patios and hoods reduced the thermal burden along the westfacade. The sawtooth and the transparent facade give the interiors plenty of fresh sunlight and fresh breeze.

Recognising the creative processes and products involved in the conception, creation and construction of shape, room and environment that take into account functionality, technology, social aspects and aesthetics.

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