How to Book multiple Flights

Booking multiple flights

Begin now to book your trip. What are two booking links for my return flight? Book flights made easy with Traveloka's multiple airline choices

Recently my mom asked me to schedule a home vacation while my cousin is on vacation. However, since Taiwan has relaxed visa requirements for Filipinos, I proposed that we consider Taiwan instead. There can be really stress and such an effort when reserving flights, especially if you do it for multiple persons and airlines' formal websites take forever to get loaded.

After navigating through several airlines' tab pages to choose an airline, you must choose as many choices as you need to match your date of trip, enter the passengers' information, and until you get to the last step: pay, the deal is not completed or an mistake is made. When you come back, the airfares are different.

The Traveloka makes flight bookings child's play as you can seamlessly match flights across multiple carriers within the application. If you book via the Traveloka website or the application, you can see quickly which carrier offers the cheapest and cheapest fares for your selected itineraries. Traveloka's website was used to review fares for flights from Manila to Taiwan and sort the flights according to the cheapest fare for them.

Traveoka has partnerships with various national and multinational companies around the world, so you can see the flights of different companies with ease. It is interesting to note that flights to Taiwan are less expensive than some of the other inland locations we have considered. Manila to Taipei offered many choices, among them AirAsia, Scoot, Philippine Air Lines, EVA Air, China Airlines, China Southern, Xiamen Air and Cathay.

There are several different types of filtering that you can use when selecting a particular trip. Search by your preferred carrier, departures or arrivals times, per capita rates and amenities. In the case of flights with an international connection, it contains the number of flights, the length of the connection and the points of connection. I usually prefer the cheapest rates for my own travels.

Using the filter, I immediately excluded anything that had to do with transiting (so the flights will be direct) and narrowed the margin. Also, I sort the available flights by travel length and priority departures times, and I immediately see the results. Phillipine Air Lines (PAL) is the fastest airline for a Manila to Taipei journey, only 2 hours and 10 minutes, from 7:15am to 9:25am.

This is a good timeframe and the aircraft is delivered with 30k free luggage, an on-board menu and on-board fun. Since we are three and a one-way ticket already cost more than Php 9,000, it felt a little high. Best I could find is Air Asia with a flying distance of only 2h15 minutes directly and a little over Php 3,000 (without free luggage or meals).

You have two flights which depart either at 12 a. m. and early in the morning or at 7:50 am and 10:15 am. Always I favour flights in the mornings so that you come at a sensible hour to get checked in to a motel, take a little break and have the remainder of the afternoons off. When you plan your journey in advance, pricing alarm is very convenient.

If you are looking for flights, you will be taken to a single interface where you can enter your origins, destinations, departure dates, number of seats and seating group. It scans and displays all available airline choices that you can select and classify by fare, departures time, arrivals time, or time.

You can also use the low-cost finder function to view and collate prices over the course of the month directly in the reservation calender, and to know when flights are best. I just payed for our Taiwan tour by my own major payment to make tracing easy. Although you can make payments via Paypal or your own major payment cards, you can also make payments via wire transfers, direct debits, over-the-counter at your local banking account and even via 7-Eleven!

If you have a problem with your reservation, you can also directly post a message via the application. If, for example, you are sending requests at 2:00 a.m., you can anticipate someone responding within a certain period of inactivity.

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