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CABB SERVICE IN STARI GRAD. The phone number of the Stari Grad Taxi Service can be found here. Hvar Island Taxi Service Croatia. Hvar to Stari Grad and Jelsa. Booking your taxi service in Hvar !

Fantastic chats

From anywhere on the Isle of Hvar you can always take a taxi booking on-line or call +385916027177 to reach your destinations securely! It is our aim to offer the best taxi fares at the best price on the Hvar Isle! Suncity's taxi company provides a full transport package to the Isle of Hvar, from the regular taxi trip to all transfer and outings.

Together with our partner we organise transfer from the Isle of Hvar to various locations. "We' ve used a few days of our stay in Sucity and they have always been fantastic, with great chats and additional information for a taxi company. You were deed to get a advantage appraisal anyway, however because of the multitude, they should get 6 out of 5: my woman let her novelish iPhone in the taxi, and they hunted us feather to elasticity it to her.

However, I know that I will return to my home in Hungary and I will always use suncity" "I posted a taxi on the website of my home after I published a blogs about the great taxi services in Hungary when I discovered at the last moment that the Stari Grad harbour was within a mile of my home. Servicing was outstanding.

My first rider hit me on the boat and took me to the apartment while he gave me a great deal of information about Hvar. Her taxi company is recommended!" "We' ve used the Sun City facilities three rounds. Twice at midnight I phoned her and asked for a cab.

For the third outing we had a trip (4 hrs, the whole island) and it was great! My travel leader was very supportive and proposed a midday meal in Stari Grad. Much has been learnt about the Stari Grad plain, Vrbosca and Jelsa" great humans! "Whilst this car rental company was using Sun City for personal driving, we were on two different dates on the Isle.

Obviously, this is a recent launch. Our two riders were very competent about the islands and very kind, which enriched our experiences a lot". "I had to change my destination on the islands over and over again because of the weather/sea plane, gave me an helpline to call all the organized chauffeurs who were awaiting while a last-minute taxi had to be organized on the islands, and my return flight to the seaplane's destination was done for me, great value, great service."

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