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Inspection: Private Jet Membership JetSuite Recently I had the chance to make a few private jet suite outings. JetSuite, as some of you may know, provides private jet tours for those whose main destination are corporate travellers. Operating from many capable aerodromes, they charge themselves for their usability, services and ability whenever and wherever you want them to.

JetSuite usually ships membership that starts at about $50,000. This will give you a pre-determined number of flight hour times, based on which airplane you select. Currently the cheapest fares on their Phenom 100 planes are around $4,000 per hour plus airfares. Like many other private jet operators such as NetJets and Magellan, JetSuite is considered somewhat less expensive by the group.

An interesting feature that JetSuite provides to everyone regardless of membership is a suite deal. Incredibly last-minute offerings that give travellers the opportunity to hire a private jet from one fixed point of arrival to another for just $536. When making a reservation, you are hiring the entire aircraft, not just a single passenger.

In this way, you can take 3-5 additional persons for a combined $536, as someone with a full membership has already made the reservation and must travel to that particular airfield to collect them. Frequently these trips can be very brief.

I have at least seen how flight were locked for 7 min flight times, and longest, I have seen flight locked for 3h. The JetSuite has two different airplane models that they operate on all these itineraries, and they are the four-seater Phenom 100 and 6-seater CJ3.

Don't make a mistake, it wasn't because I was inexpensive, but because I seriously didn't know what to bring her. One way or another, I recalled a boyfriend who said JetSuite's suite deals and how simple they were to do. It was from there that they would list all their next days departures and I could find one that worked for us well.

If you are a JetSuite customer, you will need to register for an area. You can find this on the website of the suite itself and it is totally different from the membership. As soon as your bankroll has been created, you will be able to register and make these offers more quickly. You can also create e-mail notifications when a new store is uploaded to the website from the departure point of your flight!

JetSuite is probably the only site that makes it so simple to make an empty flight booking. As soon as you begin to search, there is a good chance that you will see a barrel of different planes. The highest concentrations of traffic tends to be from John Wayne Airport or (VNY) Van Nuys Airport (VNY) on the western seaboard and Chicago Wheeler (MKC) in the MIDW.

You can also take a number of scenic flight from casual aerodromes, so don't be daunted if you don't see your aerodrome on the list. An important thing to consider when making reservations for these services is whether a business trip is provided or not, or whether you have organised alternative transport for the return journey. It is really important because some of these are communal services only and can be situated several hundred kilometres from a business destination.

While JetSuite flies to large international destinations, most of its travels are concentrated at smaller private destinations. I tried early to find an alternative promotion for my two flight. Posting is pretty simple once you open an online bankroll, and all you normally need is a plastic key and the names/birth dates of the travelers.

After you have made your reservation, you will be sent an e-mail confirming your reservation and a few moments later a last e-mail indicating where to go for the trip. It is important to remember that private jet airlines use permanent FBOs to administer their reservations and air travel. It is just another concept for smaller terminal that take over all aspect of your trip.

FBO's vary every times you make a new reservation, so if you make more than one reservation, make sure you verify from where the flights take off and land. As soon as you have booked, you will want to call JetSuite as they are open 24 hours a day and ask for the detail of your flights by entering your name and city.

Sometimes the booked suite deal can be cancelled because the member no longer needs the ticket. The JetSuite website makes this very clear: JETSUITE Route Change: JETSUITE can modify or cancel last minute SuiteDeal's route due to business requirements or a customer inquiry. When we flew we departed my home at the godless hour of 5 o'clock in the morning to take the plane that was scheduled for 6:30-7 o'clock.

We had a very brief trip and had to fly from Santa Monica Airport in Los Angeles to San Diego International. It was planned to fly for about 15 mins. Immediately after check-in at the reception we were accompanied outside to the airplane. Both of us were received by the pilot outside the aircraft and they assisted us in taking some pictures before they took us on board.

The Santa Monica International Airports are located in the immediate vicinity of LAX and constantly shares the same air space. Aircraft can often be stopped at Santa Monica for up to 30 min due to LAX arriving and departing flight departures. If it is about the airplane, it is a four-seater jet airplane in which all seat are opposite each other.

We do not have a stewardess and the food is properly packaged under each seating area. Free beverages will be stored in a small drawer at the front of the aircraft, along with alcoholic beverages. There' no doors between cab and dashboard and we could see in front of us all the while!

There' s a toilet at the back of the airplane, and it' s only divided by a drape. And I could see how the airplane got tense when 4 big guys went on board, which happened the second times when I was booking a ride. It was generally quiet after the start of the mission and it took about 30 min. until we arrived in San Diego for the planned 15 min.

When we landed, a small wagon was ready to take us from the aircraft to the front of the private airport where our rented vehicle was located. Personally, I prebooked the hire vehicle from a firm named Go-Rentals, which seems to be offering private jet terminal hire services. It gave me a all-new Escalade ESV for a $179 a pop and locked in a one-way drop-off back to Santa Monica the next one.

I was almost frightened to listen to them speak to me, and I couldn't help but laugh every second! During our second trip from Van Nuys, California, to Oakland Airport, we hired a vehicle from National and I was able to take advantage of a little-known function where members of the Executive Elite can have their vehicle shipped to an FBO free of charge.

All the more surprising to be able to land in Oakland because the rented vehicle was right in front of the airplane! All in all, this is the minimal private jet set. It will be interesting to see how Delta's private jet announcements perform compared to JetSuite. Having flown JetSuite twice, I considered other membership choices to get frequent exposure to these empty feet.

The membership fee is $9,000 per year and allows you to enjoy unrestricted empty leg and a periodic unrestricted airline schedule with private jet in between: JetSuite can be a really entertaining offer as an ambitious reservation. When you are someone who often travel between two important points that JetSuite serves, it might be rewarding to keep an eye on the page suite deals.

I' m only saying this because often last-minute trips along the California coastline with JetSuite can be less expensive than purchasing a business fare. If you book at the last moment, the old carriers can bill more than $300 for the same trip! I' d say that's the largest fall in empty leg bookings.

When you are able to overcome this, reserving a private jet will be one of the most unforgettable adventures you will ever experience! Did you ever book a private jet?

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