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800 Number Charter Communications

charter communications - television service provider - 1623 Broadway, Sheboygan, WI - telephone number Sheboygan ( and national ) Charter Communications has proven time and again what can only be described as the world' 4th lowest level of client care in humanity. Ranging from agents in the door-to-door shop to plumbers and technicians, there has never been an organisation more committed to destroying any hopes you had of emerging from a deal with a beneficial outcomes.

The only redeeming feature of the Charter could be its disgruntled shop assistants, who have to devote their whole days to fathoming the tamed wilderness that is their host of reps. Once they get their technicians to solve their problems, don't wait for genuine excuses.

Branch office staff have no communications or apparent uniformity with domestic CSR. Dial your 800 number (the only number available since Charter has set all your regional numbers for their shops) and they will tell you one thing that will make you smoke after you have driven to and from the shop, burnt again after you have been informed by the regional agents.

Incidentally, you can conserve your disappointment by repeating the words "Agent" to the automatic subscriber of the 800 number. At the company's install site, there are vanishing technicians who will stand up and walk for long periods in the midst of the work ( with all their gear and material abandoned).

If they return towards the end of your working days and expect you to remain long to get them done, the only statement is "we had another job". Excess promises and underdeliveries are a cornerstone of their selling spree. Distributors and "engineers" come out before your install and go through every detail.

Once they come to finalize the setup, all costs are saved to finalize the setup as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. My oddest ever relationship with Charter was the laying of ground cables to a business premises. No Charter individual or Agent has ever phoned us to inform us that they will show up on that date.

To sum up, it can be said that Charter is not the business that you want, it is the business that you desert...with which you are occupied.

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