737 Private Jet

D-737 Private jet

Explore price information, features, specifications and more for the Boeing 737-800 and easily compare it to other private jets. It is a 737-700 with the wings and landing gear of the 737-800. A VIP aircraft charter company headquartered in Athens, Greece, with an Executive Jet Charter sales office in London, UK.

737-800 Boeing - Private jet jump charter

Boeing 737-800 is the most beloved Boeing "Next Generation" 737 airplane. It has a cruising ceiling of 41,000 ft and can hold 6,875 gal of gas. Boeing Next-Generation 737's stateroom has a new look and offers comfort and elegance to aboard travellers.

Cubicle sizes are 98 ft and 3 inch long, 7 ft and inch high and 11 ft and 6 inch wide. Up to 189 seats in the max seat and 162 seats in the max seat can be accommodated. There are private en-suite facilities, fully fitted cabins and a luggage space of 1592 m3.

Our private jet charters include food service and luxurious chauffeur service and we can ensure four hour uptime. From our offices or via our on-board mobil scheduling system, our seasoned jet charters agents can offer, ship and deliver Concierge Service. If you would like an individual quotation for the Boeing 737-800 for your next business travel or other event, please do not hesitate to call us or our 24/7 flying team at (888) 507-8582.

Because of the VIP B757's distinctive styling and equipment, this plane is very flexible.

Because of the exclusive styling and equipment of the B757 make this plane very flexible. There are many kinds of private charters available. With a large and diverse global airline network, our large and diverse fleets offer a broad array of V.I.P. jets located throughout Europe and the Middle East to offer our customers the best V.I.P. air tour solutions for their needs.

What we provide is a tailor-made holiday adventure to suit your needs. No matter what your travelling needs, our lead staff of specialists are available around the clock to make sure these needs are fulfilled with the highest standard of customer service.

The Qantas took inspiration from 737 private jets that never took off.

Mark Newson, as you may or may not know, is a design professional working in close collaboration with Qantas. His designs include the first lounge, the A330 suite and even everything on board the A380. Marc created a model of a 737 BBJ in 2014 based on inspiration from Qantas, but the concept was never really realized and is still a model today.

These are the mock-up pictures of the BBJ. When you have ever been to the first lounge or chairman, you will be acquainted with it. BBJ's are not a new idea; there are carriers like Qatar, Emirates and Korean are just a few example of them. Quatar has a Gulfstream 650ER, Gulfstream 5000, Gulfstream XRS and a Challenger 605.

Each flight is equipped with high-quality material and in-flight supplies. Emerirates has an Airbus A319 outfit. You can configure the on-board module according to your trip, your company or your free time.

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