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Albertville Regional Airport contributes significantly to the economic development and stability of the northeast of Alabama. Welcome to Albertville Avitation at Albertville Regional Airport-Thomas J Brumlik Field (8A0). Welcome to Albertville Avitation at Albertville Regional Airport-Thomas J Brumlik Field (8A0). Our part-time and full-time teachers can help you with all your needs. We have a small enough size to allow us to train without a lot of air travel, but large enough to be able to become convenient and competent with other planes.

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Albertville Regional Airports makes a significant contribution to the economical growth and prosperity of the North East of Alabama. Alabama Aviation College, BAE Systems, RainAir Aviation and Mid-South Aviation as well as six Corporates and 36 T-Hangers are located at the site and are about to be built. On average, the airports operate around 4,000 flights a year, 80% of which are of an entrepreneurial character.

A 20-hectare technology park next to the Frankfurt International Airports is also under construction. The Albertville Regional Park can take commercial and personal aircraft with a 6,117-foot long, 100-foot width and RNAV instrument approach procedures take-off and landing strip. Airstrip illumination system includes Pilot Control Lights, Railway End Identifier (REIL) Lights and Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) Lights.

There is also an automated weather observation system (AWOS) at the aerodrome that displays to the pilot weather data such as weather condition, view, air pressures, winds and aerodrome elevation. Approximately 60 planes are accommodated in hangar rooms and the aerodrome has a low level aerodrome for 40 planes. There is a purpose-built air base and personnel at the airports provide accommodation for pilot, passenger and visitor to unwind during stopovers and refuelling.

A Wi-Fi Wi-Fi access, pilots' room, meeting room and sales area are available. Albertville Regional Airport also has a 100 LL Aviation Gas and Jet-A fuelling system and fences for airport gate and airport gate protection.

University of Albertville Campus - Enterprise State Community College

UH, WHAT'S THE CELL TECHNOLOGY PROGRAMME? Aeroframe Technology provides the student with the necessary language and skill to take the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) exams, paper, oral and hands-on, necessary for aircraft service engineer certifications with an aircraft cabin mark. The FAA certificate is usually necessary to begin a careers as a service engineer in aviation.

They are in high-demand by regional and domestic airline companies, general aviation and to assist the armed forces and other government authorities using airplanes around the world. The FAA-certified airframe technology class is structured into theoretical and practical work. Learners use a wide range of learning tools and real airplanes and airplane platforms to build handling and engineering capabilities.

WHERE ARE THE WORKING CAREERS? Possible careers include training as an aircraft mechanic, airframe maintenance technician, aircraft maintenance inspector or aircraft fitter.

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