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Private jet

Offices are ideal for serious work or quiet reflection. The facilities include Wi-Fi Internet and a private bedroom with shower. A private jet charter is often used because the cost of the private jet charter service is cheaper than owning a jet. Boeing Business Jet is a VIP configured aircraft that can be assigned to many platforms.

?Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) | 360 degree 360° 360° guided tours

The Boeing Company offers its clients a broad portfolio of Boeing aircraft that can be individually tailored to the private, industrial or government sector. These aircraft' rugged features offer outstanding value for money when it comes to home furnishings as well, providing greater, more personalised spaciousness, unsurpassed dependability and global serviceability.

Luxury, comfort and spaciousness

Never before has aviation in luxury and elegance been more stylish when travelling on a Boeing BBJ jet. By far, this plane is known for being the most prestigious and prestigious of its kind. To be on the Boeing BBJ jet is like check-in at a hospital.

Boeing Business Jet - BBJ also has quite a good cruising distance, as it reaches as far as Beijing, China or Tokyo, Japan. Do you have a well relaxed and prolific long-haul journey by renting a private Boeing Business Jet - BBJ today? By boarding the Boeing Business Jet - BBJ, you will find that this plane is equipped with all the necessary equipment for a restful journey.

Their 9-hour journey would not be too poor once you are serviced and enjoying the luxury functions the airplane can offer you. A living room, a boardroom, an administrative building, a master suite and even a bath room belong to the basic equipment. If you charter for a private cruise with this airplane, you will certainly still be up to date, especially with its connection-functions.

Those interiors testify to the inner experiences you will have when boarding the Boeing Business Jet - BBJ: In addition to its long cruising distance, the Boeing Business Jet - BBJ also operates at a competitively high cruising rate in comparison to other long-haul aircraft. The aircraft's large baggage space definitely does not prevent it from performing superbly at the highest possible airspeed.

Boeing, known for its characteristic dimensions, also thrives in this corporate jet variant while retaining its top class qualities. Take a look at these service features to see how quickly and how far the Boeing BBJ can go: If you are planning to carry some freight on your journey, it is also best to verify your total payload and permissible payload.

In general, a lightweight airplane results in much more distant targets being reached at higher speeds. The Boeing Business Jet - BBJ serie has manufactured more than 200 jet liners since its maiden voyage in 1998 and has flew all over the globe. Designed in line with the hallmark of its commercial airplane maker, Boeing Commercial Airplanes, this range is roomy while offering outstanding performances on any type of outing.

It is also benchmarked against Airbus A318 Elite, Bombardier Global Express, Embraer Lineage 1000 and Gulfstream G550s. Embarking on an extended journey, you can also do so in a stylish way by boarding the Boeing Business Jet - BBJ.

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