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air charter company

Find aircraft operators by country, state, city or name. History - Aircraft & Cargo Charter Specialists Starting at Saturn Airways in the 1970' s, he soon realised the value and importance of providing individual services and this precious asset gave rise to the concept of his own charter company. It was Chris's belief that if you go the additional miles for your clients, they will keep coming back, a proposition that is at the core of the company today.

No matter whether we offer V.I.P. trips for one or a whole crew, or whether we carry out difficult transports, we guarantee first-class individuality. Working with tens of thousand customers, we organise over 10,000 charter trips per year. We may have grown in scale, but our dedication to serving our customers remains unbroken and the foundation of the company.

Let us know your needs and one of our charter specialists will make you an offer.

Corporate Story - Air Charter Service

From a cellar in the British city of Kingston Upon Thames in 1990, he saw the aircraft charter business and an occasion. He had been in the aerospace business since the beginning of Saturn Airways in the 70's and his experiences had given him a mantras that makes individual attention the key to success.

Clients want to be handled well and they want to have confidence in who they are with - the latter is something that many businesses have neglected. He thought there was room for another aircraft charter company, but one that would focus exclusively on providing outstanding services and establishing long-term customer relations.

Believing that if you walk this additional miles for them, they would keep coming back and with this plan he would start a company so Air Charter Services (ACS) was born. Here's what he thought. Regardless of whether a customer orders us to operate only him, other travellers or important freight, we guarantee a highly personalised approach that goes beyond their highest standards while guaranteeing absolute safety throughout their stay.

Years later, with a global office in North America, South America, Europe, Africa, the CIS, the Middle East and Asia, ACS is the proud distributor for tens of thousand customers around the world, in fact we are arranging nearly 10,000 charter deals every year. In spite of this history of wealth, our dedication to serving our customers has not stalled and continues to be the cornerstone of the company today.

View our videoclip to see the advancement of the Air Charter Service from a man in the cellar of his home to one of the biggest aircraft charter operators in the globe. Let us know your needs and one of our charter specialists will make you an offer.

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