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Skyscraper Taxi Service, Roswell, Georgia. The Sky Car is a transport service recognized by the State of CT, which means that we are reliable and cost less than taxi services and other services. Receive information, directions, products, services, phone numbers and reviews about SKY Taxi Service in Roswell, GA. Company and personal billing accounts offer routine service with convenient, detailed monthly billing. Obtain instructions, ratings and information for Sky Taxi Service in Roswell, GA.

Sky Taxi Service 110 Mansell Cir, Roswell, GA 30075

I' m so grateful there was a brave Sky Taxi taxidriver standing behind them. Your taxi chauffeur not only followed the taxi chauffeur, but also grabbed the licence number and iPhone videotape of the subject examining the car's damages a miles away. If I need a taxi service in the Roswell region, I know I will call Sky Taxi.

I' m a fairly new client, I was actually notified about this taxi by a dark fellow who was one of the riders. When I came down from Marta, I was given a map and a drive off the road. He was very friendly and friendly and explained the advantages of using a taxi when changing to the coach.

Asked for his number, but he was loyally connected to the firm and said to call the number on the calling cards and ask for Taxi 2. Dispatcher is very difficult to hear, her English is very bad, and when she is in her taxi, she speaks too much about her private lives and her troubles.

and she lied and said she sent him, and an Asiatic type showed up. Can I say that the asiatic type was a good chauffeur, just like the dark type, but the one times I was riding with the ruan woman, her riding was totally unprotected, and she always writes while she's riding. She almost met someone from SMSing, unless I get the number of the dark type, or see him walking by, I'd rather just take the coach. good chauffeurs and good service.....

Outstanding service, neatest taxi, helpful driver.

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Skyline Taxis & Private Hire is the biggest operating company with a 700 vehicle hire base not only in Milton Keynes and Northampton but throughout Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire. State-of-the-art, tidy vehicle park - limousine, station wagon and executives car; MPV's, minibuses and handicapped access vehicle - all available around the clock.

Twenty-four hour a day, daily service! Every driver is monitored with GPRS. Every individual, masculine or feminine, who has a proper driver's licence, is over 21 years old and of good nature is entitled. Skyline understands the risks to which travellers are exposed, especially those faced by females who travel alone at nights from fake and non-licensed riders.

We' ve implemented this free service to make sure you get into the right vehicle, you know exactly which cars belong to you before they arrive. Check for text back - know which taxi is yours before it gets there. Make sure that you can always see the taxi bath of the driver. Don't ever get in an unauthorized cab.

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