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Explore the world from unprecedented heights in Vincent Laforet's book AIR, published by the Press Syndication Group. Laforet Vincent - AIR book: 1. air (1st edition) 978-0-9960587-2-8

Explore the unprecedented peaks of the earth in Vincent Laforet's book AIR, edited by the Press Syndication Group. Having worked on a sleeve for the Men's Journal, the international renowned air photo artist flown over more than ten of the world's most famous towns to create the visals for this heavy covering band with night shots at great height.

Laforet's AIR unveils a viewpoint we have never seen before. So high up, when samples, gratings and other air angles are unveiled, these intricate and thick towns are turned into abstracted and beautifully concentrated light - from contemporary bluish LED's to bright golden wolfram to verdant inflorescences.

Density and spacious towns become gently interconnected luminous structures that appear temporally and fleetingly as they extend into the dark. With the modernisation of towns and the development and efficiency of municipal barriers, the colour palette - blue, green, orange, yellow, violet and pink - will largely vanish and over the years these one-of-a-kind colour schemes will become one.

Laforet summarises in AIR's epilogue: "We must further debate and assess how we are illuminating our towns and cities more effectively and responsibly as we move forward. "AIR contains pictures of New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Berlin, London, Miami, San Francisco, Barcelona and Sydney and is a 228-page summary of Laforet's air activities.

The author Vincent Laforet, three-time Cannes Lions 2010 Lions Advertising Festival recipient, is a Pulitzer based filmmaker and writer known for his pioneering approaches to visual design and story-telling. Laforet is a trailblazer in pioneering inclination and airborne imaging as well as HD-capable digital SLR camera technology, in addition taking orders from nearly every major global photograph.

Laforet, a 1975 native, began his photographic carrier at the tender age of 15 as a photo journalist who refined his skills through work placements with papers such as the Los Angeles Times and Reuters. At 25, Laforet had become the youngest employee of the New York Times, and when he went, he had a Pulitzer for motion picture with him.

American Photo appointed him one of the "100 Most Influential People in Photography" in 2005, and his work has been featured in the Communication Arts and PDN Yearbooks, the World Press Photo Awards, the Pictures of the Year Competition, the Overseas Press Club, the National Headliners Awards, and the Pro-Football Hall of Fame.

At the Lions International Advertising Festival in Cannes in June 2010, he was awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze in the Titan title for his work as creator of the ground-breaking Canon "Beyond the Still" contest, which he led with Grey Advertising. Laforet has been recording this development in his own blogs since 2006, which have become a must in the photo and film community, drawing more than 3,000,000 hits every year.

Presented on CNN and Good Morning America and in tens of papers, he was an associate lecturer at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism and the International Center of Photography. He is a member of the Director's Guild of America and a DP with 600 people.

As a business manager, he works for the Los Angeles & New York-based Los Angeles-based Accomplice manufacturing firm and as a Photographer for the New York-based Stockland Martel agent. Currently Laforet lives in Manhattan Beach, California, with his spouse Amber, boy, Noah and girl Eliana.

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