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Current air freight charter news and freight update. The Victor air freight charter service eliminates hidden surcharges and surprise costs. Luftfrachtcharter - Specialists for air freight Over 45 years of cargo charter expertise means that we work with customers and seasoned airlines to organise the supply of your time-critical cargo, large and bulky cargo, human goods and all other kinds of cargo. Our air cargo charter services make sure that all your cargo reaches its destinations on target and on target, from automobile parts and production material to power supply structure and life-saving relief goods.

Analysis of routes, payloads and timeframes to suggest the most appropriate freighter for your needs. For ad-hoc, high seasonal and commercial cargo, we can also organise partial charter, backload and other commercial innovations. In the last ten years, we have won more than 20 leading air freight charter prizes for services and innovations, among them Air Cargo News, Air Cargo Week, Payload Asia, STAT Trade Times and TIACA sector prizes.

No matter what your freight charter needs are, our dedicated staff is at your disposal.

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You need to be able to count on a good couple of good looking fingers when carrying your goods and substances, and they know all the possible dangers. Small, middle, big, oversized, overcapacity, timecritical. Informations about the small airplane Metro III with measurements and pictures. Informations about the middle cargo plane Antonov AN-12 with measurements and pictures.

About the Antonov AN124 widebody cargo plane with measurements and pictures. Informations about the Boeing B747-200F with measurements and pictures.

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When you need to move a considerable amount of freight in a rush, Air Charter is the best choice. Air freight charter service from Global Shipping offers you the exclusivity of using an airplane for your cargo anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Chartering is the fastest way to get your cargo from point A to point B. Freight charter jets are usually smaller, but bigger jets, such as 747s, can also be charters.

Cargo charter aircrafts have a large cargo carrying capability, and the roomy interior allows effective cargo-handling. When you choose Global Shipment as your Air Charter Partner, you get real-time monitoring, outstanding client support, help with your documents, negotiating strength in freighter charter and decade-long experience in the business. The Air Charter is the best way to ship time-critical goods or devices.

When your cargo is not too time-critical, our other air cargo service may be the best choice.

The Air Charter service is available 24 h a day, 7 d a w ay and 365 a year. When you need to make a shipment to a remote location on Thanksgiving or New Year's Eve, flight chartering is up to the job. Our tracking and tracing system allows you to see exactly where your air cargo is at all times.

You can be sure that your cargo will get where it needs to go. Air charter is also a great way to ship cargo to distant locations that might otherwise need an extended schedule for shipment. When you need to bring gear to a secluded oilfield or have to deliver supplies or supplies, Air Charter can get you there as quickly as possible.

What makes you choose air freight charter services from GL? Worldwide Shipping cares about locating the best charter aircraft available when you need them, and we bargain prices that best suit your budgets. Aircraft for charter are manufactured in a wide range of different heights. Not only does this affect the load carrying capability of the aircraft, but also the dimensions of the cargo doors.

Capacities of charter planes can vary from only 1,300 to over 250,000lb. Our comprehensive air charter service combined with our decade-long expertise in the marine sector will help you find the most cost-effective charter airplane to suit your cargo and schedule. Furthermore, we help you to administer the correct documents necessary to transport your cargo on schedule.

To learn more about our freight charter service, contact Global shipping service. When you are already in a difficult position and need to keep to a close delivery date, call us and talk to a live operator instead of having to deal with an automatic system, we are willing to assist your vessel for you, which others cannot.

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