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Aircraft revolutionary take off Nearby, on the way to Sacramento, less than 100 nautical miles away, another start-up rolls out the first mass-produced unit of a new approach to folding aircraft, amphibian, compact enough to be housed in a normal auto-park. Specialists say that lightweight aircraft, usually piloted by leisure enthusiasts, are in the middle of a real upheaval. They are all part of a new breed of breakthrough lightweight (or smaller) aircraft model aimed at disrupting an aerospace sector that hasn't undergone much change in years. La Cobalt Valkyrie-X is a futuristic-looking aircraft equipped with reciprocating engines and about to take off from the French-born Californian businessman David Loury. Loury, Cobalt' founding father and chief executive officer, says that his concept of a design-oriented aircraft is grounded in the realisation that in the iPhone age, making great looking items is no longer a decision but an order.

He says the lightweight aircraft sector is ready for a change. The aircraft, for example, enables the largest part of Western Europe to be reached from London without refuelling. Currently, the company is launching its first test aircraft on the market and intends to manufacture about 50 units per year. "The Awesome comes standard," announces the website of icon A5.

A further brand-new design-oriented aircraft is the two-seater folding floatplane model Acon A5 from California' manufacturer Acon Aircraft. In contrast to the Walk├╝re, the A5 is primarily a leisure aircraft. Besides a slim, concise styling and an intuitively visible dashboard, one of the sales arguments of the iconic A5 is its folding capability. They also fit into most auto repair shops and can be pulled behind a truck for land use.

SpaceShipOne's Burt Rutan has also taken up the fight with SkiGull, his own lightweight aircraft design. The SkiGull, like the Icon model 5, is a small amphibian aircraft that will fit into a private parking space after folding the wing.

However, it is the aircraft design uncommon - a singular jet directly above the dashboard, hung from the wing even in a gondola-like cab - that is immediately attracting interest throughout the sector. Featuring five fold cushioning bend of a standard ground aircraft, the SkiGull is able to work in much harsher conditions than most other hydroplanes.

Little bicycles stick out from the bottom of the ski and make it possible to touch down on a surface like snows or grasses. "The SkiGull may well be the last of Burt Rutan's creative works. He' already plans to take SkiGull from Idaho to Hawaii. "After Hawaii he will go on a worldwide ski touring with SkiGull.

Here the aircraft's singular abilities come into their own. Currently he works for the aviation industrie via

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