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Wholesale private jet charter memberships program Lonzo Ball. Jet Private Membership Programs | Access Solutions Wellcome to a new age of private air travel where you take off when and how you want, paying only for the amount of your own hands and the functions you use. The introductory programme is intended for casual pilots who usually spend less than 25 flying hrs per year. While lowering the thresholds and engagement, Choose Acces receives airfare and preferential approach to North America's biggest floatable Challenger 300 and Citation X Super-Mid jet family.

We use the best on-demand service as an intelligent, stylish way for people who fly more than 25hrs a year. Benefit from improved airline awards and the opportunity to reduce your cost by just having to pay for what's important to you. Replacing the intricacies and rigidities of legacy fractional jet owner and jet map owners with greater agility and usability, our fixed-interest, fully reimbursable jet map programme offers greater versatility and usability.

We believe in working with like-minded brand names to provide a full range of experiences that meet the needs of our customers, from accessing aerospace to guaranteeing a secure and smooth trip.

Memberships in Jet Cards | Personal and Business Jet Cards

The only way to get around is on your own. Being a Jet member allows you to do just that. Be it the comfort of our customized individual membership or the business-friendly versatility of our corporate membership, you decide what happens. Personalised membership that is uniquely personalised to your needs.

If your yearly trip lasts 25hrs or more, we realize that your needs and demands may be varied and may be more complicated. A number of businesses require more trips with a higher operating infra-structure and needs than single private leaflets. Our experienced Air Support staff, consisting of FAA-licensed pilot staff, is available 24x7, 365 to support your company's worldwide air transportation needs.

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