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When you want to travel on a private jet between London and New York, you'll find three private jet pricing options to save, spend or show off. That'?s a report: The jets under consideration for 2018 will play in London.

The Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars are in London this Sunday because the NFL wants to globalise their team. Can the jets make a voyage across the lake in 2018? ESPN's Rich Cimini says New York is under debate as one of the team that will make the 2018 London outing.

This means that there is a good possibility that the jets will play in one of these matches, especially given the new position of Woody Johnson as US ambassador to the UK. It seems at this stage that these discussions are provisional and it will remain to be seen whether the competition will be a home match for the jets.

These jets are no strangers in London as they travelled the route in 2015 to take on the Miami dolphins. This was a great journey for Gang Green as they got away with a 27:14 win.

It' not a groovey trip to London after the jets were lost.

Every year, these London matches come back on the Miami Dolphins' agenda. While some are referred to as home matches, others as away matches, they are all somewhat alien. There are also the commercials with the UK press, which have always been intrigued by the greatness of the players and the strength of the match and have always been willing to ask serious questions on the most visible issues.

At times a face punch is all it takes to remember a soccer match, not to remember that it's a soccer match, and that it's easy to get away with other thoughts buzzing around in that hat. It was in this regard, and only these, that the New York Jets Miami coaches Adam Gase did a favour.

Dolphins were already beaten in the face by an adismatic 20-6 defeat last weekend at MetLife Stadium. It' bringing the miracle from Wembley Stadium this Sunday. It' s shrinking all over England to a spot of lawn, and a group of Americans, the Saints of New Orleans, are trying to make it their own.

"Delphine, who let Jay Ajayi run back, said, "If there's a moment to make it, then it's now. Ideally, they will strike back strongly and do to the saints what has just been done to them by the jets. Something like 2014 came about when the Kansas City 35-14 home mounted delphins, braised over them for a whole weekend and then the following Sunday brought down the London booms and beat Oakland 38-14 with the highest score in five years.

41-14 blow-out losses to Buffalo at home, followed by a 27-14 drop to the Jets in London, the match that Joe Philbin eventually fire. On Thursday he trained his crew tough, with schedules to taxi them straight out of the aircraft and back onto the training ground shortly after the London landings on Friday mornings.

At 1:1, could these delphins still have a little strutting in them and make a completely inanimate bet against the jets? However, the saints' defence permitted a 65 point defence in the opening loss to Minnesota and New England. Certainly there are sound blueprints for the new Jay Cutler district back, combined with the run of Ajayi and the abilities of Kenny Stills, DeVante Parker and Jarvis Landry to score some points.

This would be an exceptionally refreshing turn in the saison, and there is no need to believe that it could not go against the 1-2 holy ones who have been spending the whole weekend in London to practice and prepare for this flagship match project. These dolphins have taken the opposite path by being flown over at the end of the weekend, by making all the tough warks in Davie, by trying to get a kind of naturally occurring beat into a trial that has been changed by a cyclone and a match at the 27,000-seat Chargers in California and is now quickly commuting to Europe.

Travelling to New York to compete the jets should have been the easiest part of all this, and that's what doesn't fit.

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