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So why take Prime Taxi?

Newest Models - We are the first taxi company to import CNG-powered cabs in large quantities. Taxi drivers and passenger will have a more healthy drive every year. Cheapest Day Rent als - We believe in reasonable rates for our Taxi Master. As our daily expenses rise, we want to make sure that the operating expenses of our Taxi Master are reduced to a bare minimum and have a higher cash earnings!

We achieve this through the use of the cheapest rates and CNG.


The Prime Taxi was founded by a number of locals to meet customers' needs for a more dependable and affordable taxi experience. For all prebooked vacancies (with the exceptions of New Year's and Christmas ) after 12.00 p.m. Prime taxes do not offer any surcharges around the clock and all year round.

Prime Car & Taxi

There is also a full range of dropoff and collection services from all the main southern and eastern English aerodromes. Reservations are accepted for night club trips so you can get there whenever you want and make it home when you're done. Prime Car & Taxi calculates a flat fee if you rent a chauffeur for a whole working days, dependent on the number of working days.

Prime Taxis - State Property? - Japan Forum

Prime Taxis - State Property? A few month ago I was talked by a taxi cab owner into visiting a jewelry plant on Alexandra Road that gives taxi owners a S$10.00 gift certificate to bring clients to their work. Fully conscious of what was going on, I hadn' t even listened to this place and determined that it was "a tour".

He got his coupon, the journey was S$4. 00 more than it would normally take what I said, but he was a nice old guy, and I was fully conscious of what was going on.

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