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Lynx Barrow, Barrow in Furness. Urbana does not support any particular company. City Links Taxi Workday Matchbox Play Set I have to go along with William's reviewer's child, this kit could be quite a bit simple, but the taxi it comes with is fantastic. It' a New York taxi looks bright green, the way it is cast looks like the ones that are used in New York. It' got the term taxi in the plastics commercial delta on the rooftop.

At the sides of the vehicle you can see beside the words Fast Food a photo of a burgers with bikes. Rolling really well, the bikes even have a little or step on the wheel of the tires and are really a really nice little matchbox-auto. When I saw this sentence I was wondering if the automobile was actually the one in the prototypes.

But before I found one, I looked at a YouTube reviews, the type is put in this one, has only the burgers picture on one side of the vehicle, the other is only without stickers. Apparently it's much better with the mobile burgers on both sides. But the taxi is a matchbox taxi tasting that has been around since 2002 and you can get it with other stickers in other colors.

Unfortunately, the chassis is made of synthetic material and no metall would be my only problem, but that's not such a biggie. I' m not sure how much enjoyment the game set is, which is essentially just a fast-food drive-through, you can pass a pay phone (could have historic value in educating children about pay phones when they vanish in the future), and you can link it to other devices.

If I had had this automobile as a child, in my fantasy I would have delivered fastfood about the streets and the city I had made out of LEGO on my ground, papers I had glued together or whatever.

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