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Vancouver: The airport down town made simple The Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is 15 km or 9 mile from the center of Granville and Georgia Street. This would be a 20-minute ride without travel, but usually lasts 30 to 45 min with travel. The majority of inner cities are located near the center of the town. Please see http://www.yvr.

ca/en/getting-to-from-...private for transport choices that involve chargeable cabs or for some areas fix limos ($45), a Transroad shuttleservice (604-924-8888 or 1-866-31-TRANS or and Stretchlimousines ($53-81) run by Aerocar.

YVR to Vancouver and Richmond taxes have fixed charges depending on the area. Vancouver's city centre, for example, is about 35 US dollars inclusive of taxes, but without tips. The most common types of payment card are those accepting taxes, limos and limos. The Canada Line underground is another favorite choice, which is cheaper than a cab and can be faster.

Canada Line is one of 3 Skytrain routes that serve Metro Vancouver. Ask your local hotels for the nearest Canada Line stop. Canada Line's three stops downtown: Vancouver City Centre and Waterfront. Canada Line's airport terminus is located on the other side of the road between national and internationals arrive.

Coming from Canada, go to Tier 3 and obey the Canada Line Sign. When arriving international, as you depart customs and immigration, you'll see signage leading to the Canada Line lift and moving staircase. At Vancouver Airport, every 7 min. during rush hour and every 15 min. during rest period.

You will be travelling from approximately 05:00 to 01:00 and will need 26 min to Vancouver City Centre Station. YVR to Vancouver is $9 or less, with rebates for senior citizens and kids or during leisure time. From Vancouver to YVR, the cost is $4 or less. Tickets can be purchased in either hard currency or by credit/debit cards, and the tickets can be used for 90-minute transfers to Vancouver Skytrain bus and other Skytrain stops.

For information about the Canada Line, please visit

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