Air Charter Team

The Air Charter Team

The company arranges air charter for companies or individuals. ACS Board of Directors Chris joined Saturn Airways in the 1970' and has extensive aerospace industry expertise, from air travel throughout Europe to his involvement in Sudan in the early 1980's with Transamerica Airlines, where he co-ordinated planes carrying staff and assistance during the Great Depression.

He has gained his expertise in the air transport industry through several major orders for air transport of passengers and freight with organizations such as the United Nations. Chris decided never to take out a credit from a local bank and instead to expand the franchise organic, investing strongly in the franchise and growing it from its modest beginnings to the premier worldwide enterprise it is today.

He has always held the belief that providing individual attention is what the aerospace is all about, and that if you go the additional miles for the client, they'll keep coming back and growing the game. Justin is known for his encyclopedic understanding of airplanes and a passionate flyer in his free hours. For the past 20 years he has been one of the most trustworthy and accomplished air charter professionals in Europe.

Having joined ACS's Cargo Divisions in 1995, Justin joined the Civil and Executive Jets team before moving to Group CEO in 2013. Justin is a real pro who keeps a sharp watch on every customer advisor in the organization and is motivated by the need for excellence in all areas of the organization.

Mr. Justin is a Diplom-Kaufmann who has worked his whole carreer at ACS and is an important member of the ACS Executive Team. Mr. Pitt is another very seasoned member of the ACS team. Mr. Stewart joined KPMG in 1997 as KPMG's 1997 qualification as Chief Operating Officer (ACA) and has since served as Finance Manager at British Airways and as Senior Sales Manager at the London Stock Exchange, where he led the finance budgeting and forecast process and was engaged in several major defense engagements.

Stewart's expertise and expertise has proven priceless since his inception and has made ACS one of the most financial safe charter airlines in the globe. Onlyin is a very seasoned charter professional who has some of the largest charter business brands among his customers. In the charter business he began in the former ACS operational centre in Ostend, where he developed into an authority on the land operation that was vital to a charter's success.

Subsequently, he switched to distribution, where this expertise was used very effectively and his hands-on expertise has proven invaluable to the ACS director. In 2013 Justin was named Group Commercial Director. First in the London Cargo division, he then deepened his expertise and worked on the side of executives jet.

Ruan became President of N AFO in 2004 before returning to the UK to take on the position of International Development Director and later Group Director of Executive Jets. Ms. Katie came to ACS in 2017 and brought with her nearly 20 years of HR expertise, four years as Head of HR at Adecco and seven years as HR Director at Kelly Services.

Continuing to scale worldwide, ACS will continue to lead the way in recruiting and retention of the industry's best talents through efficient recruiting, education and compensation programs. It has an important impact on the maintenance of customer satisfaction and riskmanagement as ACS grows worldwide. After working in all three of ACS' major areas - private, group and cargo - in both operational and accounts managment, James joined the company's market division in 2007.

In 2011, he was named Group Marketing Director and expanded the division by an exponential margin in terms of scale and impact. She has worked in all of ACS' administration areas and has been Director and Company Secretary from the beginning. Eventually she led the company's finance and legal team, but is now focusing on her non-executive director roles.

In addition, she is Chair of the Board's Corporate Social Responsibility Charter and holds a pivotal position in the Group' s CSR activities. Before retiring in 2013, Charles was an executive director at Fitch Ratings, where he was in charge of the rating administration and operation of leading multinational banks. In his 30 years with the firm, he keyed Fitch's worldwide growth and remains available as a senior advisor.

Mr. Andrew was a key contributor to the expansion of the Company's Privat Charter business and our US subsidiaries. Andrew initially worked in the London practice, moving to New York in 2008 and was subsequently appointed President, United States. Returning to ACS London in 2014, he took over the entire operation of privately owned aeroplanes around the world.

Mr. Dan came to ACS in 2002 and was quickly appointed London Director of Freight. Few scenes he has not seen in air freight, especially in the organization of aid after catastrophes. Appointed Group Cargo Director in 2016, he is responsible for preserving ACS's image as the world's premier air freight charterer.

Matthew joined the company's young Group Charter business in 2005 and played a central part in the Group' rapid expansion over the next ten years. ACS has organized extensive programs for almost every imaginable program and has promoted ACS's worldwide renown. In his capacity as Global Group Charter Director, he is responsible for further expanding the global scope of the Group.

Oliver began his professional life in the OBC and time-critical industries after a 15 year selling traineeship. He and his team have successfully concluded more than 2,000 contracts since taking over ACS's OBC business in 2015. Tim graduated from Loughborough University with a Master's in Air Traffic Management in 2005 and entered the Executive Jet Department of ACS in London.

After working his way up through the charter sale team, he switched to Jet Card in 2014, where he now leads the whole Emirate program. Richard joined ACS in 2004 as an Associate to Justin Bowman and has pushed himself through the ranks to lead the company's activities in America.

Since his appointment as Regional Director in 2014, the firm has almost trebled within the regional territory and is well placed under his direction to further expand in one of the most mature charter industries in the globe. Andrew joined ACS in 2006 and worked for some years in London, Moscow and most recently in the Dubai office.

Currently he is in charge of ACS's activities in the Middle East, Africa and India and proves to be a stable force in often tumultuous market conditions. Mr. Becker will have an important leadership position in leading our company through important emerging marketplaces. Joining in 2007 as an Administrative Director in Dubai, Ms. tracy started to develop a love of aerospace and moved to the Group Charter team.

During 2012, she led ACS's new office in India and established a significant footprint across the sub-continent before being appointed to lead the Group's activities in Europe. Mr Azat has been with ACS since 2013 and has managed the company's activities through turbulent periods in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), despite the region's difficult business conditions, gaining additional shares of the markets.

In the future, he will play a pivotal roll in sustaining this dynamism and the diversification of ACS's offer in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States. After joining ACS in 2006, Steve transferred to Hong Kong in 2008 to take on the position of Cargo Sales Director Asia before being appointed Regional Director Asia Pacific in 2015.

ACS will continue to research and introduce new technology, while Rob will play a pivotal roll in the implementation of new system and tooling. Lloyd began working in the ACS Operations Team in 2006, later becoming Charter Exec and making it through the ranks. Lloyd was a member of the ACS Operations Team in 2006. From 2013, he joined our Corporate Performance department and took over the post of Senior Vice President in charge of the tendering procedure for major customers.

They also play a pivotal part as part of the ACS' charity team. Mr. Gavin joins the ACS London Charter team in 2002 and has been instrumental in significantly expanding the business over the following years. Following a period as Dubai Branch Manager, he moved back to London to lead the Charter Business Development team before heading up the Executive Jet Leasing business area.

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