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Please see other tariffs *The General Terms and Conditions apply. Airfares/Flight prices If you are travelling with small kids or if members of your group need extra help, please take extra mileage. Tariffs quoted for each location are in U.S. dollars and are non-refundable at check-in, are changeable without prior notification and requires 24-hour pre-sale, please call 954-434-8900 or 1-800-327-8900 to check availabilities and fares for trips within 24hr of departure.

Multiplied by the number of travellers, enter the full amount in the booking enquiry box, the US Departures and Arrivals tax is covered, and foreign tax and charges are due on your return. Timetables for services performed on aeroplanes with ten or more seated occupants shall be as required.

The rules stipulate that kids from the age of 2 must be seated, kids under the age of 2 can be seated on their laps, but the surest place for a kid is in a CRS. There is a $50.00 per lap fee per foot servicing fee.

Ninety-nine simple air fares to Iceland, but leaflets in small letters.

On Monday, WOW Air introduced one of its characteristic tariffs and offered $99 single fares to Iceland from eight US capitals. Most importantly, perhaps, return fares are much higher; in some cases the yield is twice or three times higher than the announced price of $99 in Iceland. The WOW Air offer 99 $ air fares to Europe; what's the big deal?

$99 one-way fares are available from eight US destinations. You are Boston, Chicago O'Hare, Cleveland, Dallas/Fort Worth, New York JFK, Pittsburgh, St. Louis et San Francisco. Although they were not explicitly involved in the WOW sales, 99 one-way flights to Iceland also appeared from some of WOW's other US states.

$99 one-way sales fares are available on "select" departures between August 6th and October 26th. The WOW offers the best fares only for 800 places during the holiday season, so their unavailability will be lost at the sell-out. These $99 fares come from WOW's least expensive fares, which requires most travellers to make an additional charge when checking in a pocket or bringing hand luggage that needs to be stored in a baggage compartment.

Monday night searches for WOW's Pittsburgh fares for mid-September showed that the $99 Iceland fares were available on about half the day WOW flew out of town. A $99 one-way flight from Pittsburgh to Reykjavik was available in our example finder for a $99 one-way flight on September 12 - a Wednesday.

Returning would be more expensive, with an option from a $209 flight next Sunday (September 16) to a $159 flight next Monday (September 17) or Wednesday (September 19). In our example quest we have taken a $259 basis for the 12th to 17th September route.

Over the same period, other large carriers offered competitively priced fares. Pittsburgh connection routes to similar data as the Muster Nonstop WOW reservation were available from both Air Canada (via Montreal) and Delta (via New York) for $311 and more, so a Monday morrow quest on Competing carriers were also able to compete in other market segments.

For example, in New York City, Icelandair ($299) and Delta ($311) also provided competing fares on non-stop Icelandic services with fares near WOW's ($240 and more) for trips on various dates between 11 and 20 September. There was a similar history in Dallas where WOW's $260 non-stop fares rose in the same September time frame against Icelandair's $379 (and more) non-stop fares and American Airlines' $417 (and more) non-stop fares.

A few leaflets may find that WOW's fee-based approach to doing business generates some of the cost saving in comparison to some of these competing airlines.

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