How to Fly Private Jets at Airline Prices

Flying private jets at airline prices

In order to achieve this, we combine the best of both worlds: the individuality of a private jet with the professionalism of an internationally renowned airline. My travel is both private and commercial, and of course I prefer to fly privately. Private jet is perfect for anything but the price.

The private airline company offers first rate experiences at an affordable rate.

Have you ever wanted a semi-privatejet experience without the problems of owning it, Aura wants you as a traveler. Select from two luxurious class options - First and Wave - that offer fine dining and drinks, plenty of leg room and infinite high-speed WiFi for your onboard adventure. Explicitly Aura declares that she will not oversubscribe your tickets - when you make a booking, your place is assured.

Baggage and seating charges are covered by the fare - not for add-ons. And if you're often on a trip on work, you've probably already wanted the comfort and luxuries of a private plane. Just think if you could have such an experiance - but at prices nearer to what you would be paying for first-class civil airfare.

This is the experiment that Aura wants to introduce in 2019. The Aura uses Bombardier CRJ700s to carry only 29 people per trip - 21 in the lower First and only eight in the upper Wave. They optimize the aerodrome adventure. The company concludes contracts with private airfields in the towns it operates - which means that travellers only have to get there 20 min before embarking.

The Aura has two levels. Currently, Aura is planning to start with both member and non-member prices - and like any similar subscription services, subscription fees will be lower. Keyholder travelers are charged $100 per monthly, which provides unrestricted air travel at set rates that are no more than half the costs non-subscribers are charged.

In fact, as non-members' fares will vary with market demands, key individuals may be able to afford less than half of that fare. Clients who buy First Seat will find a first-class experience on a scheduled air service - only in a smaller, more luxury aircraft. And if that isn't luxury enough, in the Wave range you can fully relax on dedicated gravity-free seating developed in conjunction with sleeping therapists and aeromedical researchers.

Seasonally changing menus with so-called "fusion stacks" and sushi will be available to all guests. There will also be a complete liquor and alcohol counter for all guests. Aura' s Meatlocker will also provide a full meal plan for wave caterers. These services allow travelers to select their own dietary source of food and have it prepared to their precise specification by a cook on the aircraft - and the food is never cold.

Each passenger has full WiFi connectivity - and can also use the iPad Pro included in the package during the trip. Supplementary timetables for Coachella, Sundance and Art Basel as well as skiing resorts such as Aspen and Vail are scheduled, if seasonal. It is Aura's intention to make the timetables public 90 working days in advanced.

Prices vary according to the itinerary. As an Aura keyholder, a single ticket between Chicago and Atlanta begins at $280 for First and $600 for Wave Series. For the same fare, it costs at least $560 for First and at least $1200 for Wave classes for the general audience, without a season ticket - and these rates can rise at any rate if you are not a key holder.

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