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Reservations were never validated, ticket never made ( no email messages from Justairticket, not even the first ticket confirmation). First they took the funds from my wallet and after calling me, they told me that I had to call my wallet to confirm the deal (I was already debited in this snapshot as my wallet was confirmed) and put them in a conference call with my wallet (????).

Of course I became very distrustful and declined to do so, in reply they asked for a scan of the ID and a copy of the US debit cards (REALLY????) instead of speaking to my local banking institution to "verify" them. Again they have already debited me at this point and my account had no problems with the transaction).

On the next morning they calculated the same amount under a different name - the first amount was the airline's name and the second the "agency fee". And then I phoned their "support line" to find out why I was billed a price at all because no services were provided, twice.

Baron was utterly impolite and kept refusing the second charge due (I was looking at my on-line banking at this point and 2 fees concealed under different titles were obvious). Also, I phoned the airlines directly and was informed that this airline actually booked under my name TWO and both instances immediately canceled orders, ticket were not billed and canceled (according to U.S. Department of Transportation rules, even "non-refundable" ticket can be canceled within 24 hour free of charge).

It was also submitted to (1) Ecosummer. A GOV (instructed by u.s. gov to notify us of worldwide fraud ), (2) on the website of the U.S. Federal State Commission) and (3) Better Bureau of Business (links were not permitted in the review). Do the same and notify the government to stop this scam and alert other prospective clients to its use.

It seems that the Centre is operating out of India with unobtrusive US surnames, which seems to be standard practice in the fight against fraud. There' s a lot of speculation that they are writing the bogus review themselves - all 5-star testimonies look exactly the same and mention full American-sounding titles and so-called "wonderful service", no true review would look like that.

I got a full reimbursement, actually quite quickly, within 24 hrs after several phone and email messages, with my local banking company to jump in and start a scam and after I blocked my credit because of its unauthorised fees, which now causes me a great deal of discomfort. I will cooperate with the competent authorities to which I have already submitted the complaint (Better Business Bureau, Consumer. gov and the US Federal State Commission).

As I saw in the review below, someone has also submitted grievances to the New Jersey Attorney General Office and there have been more than 80 grievances against this corporation since 2017. I' ve been wasting a great deal of my precious little spare tire with justairticket. com, the price has risen significantly, it was 5 days of torturing.

Well, this firm shouldn't be in business anymore.

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