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The OneSky Flight is an aviation portfolio that consists of a range of industry-leading private jet solutions to meet every need. The OneSky Jets is one of the leading independent brokerage companies in the market for private flights. Display the location, sales, industry, and description of OneSky Jets. OneSky Jets' search and planning tools make the process of searching for a premium private jet easy. The OneSky Jets is the leading online marketplace for private jet charter.

PrivateFly Charter Booking Platform Acquired by OneSky

PrivateFly, an on-line reservation service for privately chartered jets, has been purchased by OneSky and will join SkyJet, a broking house, said the airline.... Adam Twidell and Carol Cork, co-founders of PrivateFly, will manage the joint venture, which will have operations in the US and Europe. Founded in 2008, PrivateFly has increased its turnover over the last ten years and concentrated on the UK.

SkyJet, which provides personal aircraft reservation solutions and aircraft charterservices, was established in 1997. "The OneSky acquires the PrivateFly Yacht Booking Platform" is part of our BCA on-line subscriptions. Latest Business & Commercial Aviation Magazines: Free on-line subscriptions are now available.


OneSky Jets of Manchester, N.H. has chartered Jet brokers, LLC of Ft. lauderdale, Fla.... Florida founding David Lovely has been appointed VP, Market and Commercial Developement for OneSky, according to Greg Johnson, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of OneSky. Upon acquisition, the acquirer will retain Jet Broker's Ft. lauderdale office in Florida.

one-sky jets

The OneSky Group comprises the airlines of Directional Aviation: Flexjet, Flexjet Ltd, Sentient and Skyjet. The Flexjet company offers to sell Factional Jets to the owners. We use a cookie - to provide you with the best possible website experiences. On acceptance, we presume that you are pleased to have received all our website cookie.

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one-sky jets

The OneSky Jets brings together the best jet charters in the nation in a single domestic airline alliance, giving travellers the necessary tool to safely and easily charters their own jets. OneSky' s leadership has more than a hundred years of senior leadership in the aerospace and engineering sector. Enthusiastic proponents of the modernization of the airline charter business, they concentrated on what was lacking in the market:

Compatible prices - adapted to meet specific needs in a given area.

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