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Receive directions, reviews and information for Danny's Car Service in Rosedale, NY. At Danny's Taxi we offer punctual taxi services to Eagle Pass, TX. And Danny's Brake Service & Auto Parts Inc. The Danny's Cab Service is located in Phoenix, AZ.

The Danny's Cab Service is a taxi service that has served Phoenix ever since.

Danny's Taxi/Car Service 13915 Francis Lewis Blvd, Rosedale, NY 11422

Poorest taxi service, not only are they most costly, but daily their rates vary one day to be that rate the next day his other. You are lying when you say that the taxi is 5 minutes away, when it actually takes 30 minutes... and the worse of all is that the dispatchers are very impolite. In total, the ride to the terminal was $10 less costly than the amber cabin that brought me from the terminal on my return, and I substituted myellow cabin phone number with Danny.'s cabin service.

Living in the Bach River and where.... Living in the Valley Stream I would visit Danny's taxi instead of the taxi near my home because Danny's fares so much cheaper. I love Danny's taxi because they also take CC payments and bookings on the telephone.

Danny's Car Service 13915 Francis Lewis Blvd Rosedale, NY Cabs

Female auto service in the mid of the day can be decisive! This evening I was refused my $7 trip because I didn't have the precise amount of cash. He' s always answering the telephone like he just awoke. Much like the girl who answered the telephone for Rose N. Dale.

Poorer taxi service ever, they ran me from 2 blocs away to go into the mug! Lets me sit 10 mins for the ride, after the 10 mins they said I should sit another 10 mins because the..... When I could give 0 star, I would call today to have a taxi to come get me, I got the same driver with an evil setting.

Wasn' trouble getting a cab when I phoned.

Danny's Taxi Service - Taxi service in Phoenix, AZ, 85020

If you need a great taxi service in Phoenix, AZ, contact Danny's Cab Service. Since many years we offer quick and dependable taxi services to bring you safely and punctually to your destinations. Meet our courteous, expert chauffeurs on the spot and at reasonable prices in a neat, luxurious vehicle from your home, business or school.

Proud of the service we offer, our chauffeurs are all very skilled and competent in the field. If you need the best taxi in the city, contact Danny's Cab Service in Phoenix, AZ, we strive to offer our customers the highest service levels.

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