Jet Airways Online Check in Price

Online Jet Airways Check-in Price List

The passengers can also choose their seat at the nominal price. For Web Check-in, Jet Airways calculates in a twisted way. Bewildered by Jet Airways Web Check-in - Air Travel Forum

With Jet Airways, you can check in on your website and get an e-boarding passport. My assumption was that the most important point in online check-in, as I have seen with other carriers like Ryanair, is not having to check in at the airports if you only have carry-on baggage, or taking advantages of the faster baggage check-in process if you have baggage at check-in.

Visitors who carry a paper e-boarding passport must trade it for a boarding card which will be displayed at the check-in counter at the departure terminal. Is the conclusion that web check-in only has the above mentioned benefits for internal flight?

Visitors traveling with checked luggage can check in at our check-in desk for fast luggage reclaiming. Click here to see the airport check-in list". You have pocket switches at major internationals like London. Why are you only addressing "guests traveling with checked baggage"?

So why don't we tell all our passengers, because all our internationals, with or without check-in luggage, have to go to a kind of desk to get a "real" boarding-card? Everybody flew Jet Airways from outside India and knows what the actual business of e-boarding passports is? There are some other benefits to check-in online and not at the check-in desk - choosing a seat at the check-in desk, which indicates that you intend to still travel if you are late, arriving at the check-in desk, etc.

The whole question of whether a print e-boarding passport has value and whether you still have to check in at the airports if you only have hand luggage is still a puzzle for me.

Has Jet Airways an online check-in?

Has Jet Airways an online check-in? Yes, with Jet Airways Web Check-in you can check in between 48 and 2 hrs before departure. JetPrivilege members actually receive 250 bonus JP Miles when they use Web Check-in. Checking in now for your Jet Airways outing. Which are the prerequisites for using Web Check-in?

Check-in is only available on selected flight departures. There is a limit of seven passenger per PNR. Do not have a children or a children as part of your PNR. Your check-in name fits exactly into your PNR.

Please ask your tour operator to make Jet Airways PNR available to you for a smooth check-in if you book through a tour operator. Be sure to allow enough elapsed flight times at the airports to get through safety checkpoints, check your pockets, etc. If I have baggage for check-in, can I use Web Check-in?

Yes, you can have your flight card printed out at home, but you must return your bag to the Jet Airways check-in desk at the departure area. Is it possible to change/select my place with Web Check-in? Yes, if you use Web Check-in, you can modify or choose your location.

When I' m going to check in at the terminal, how much should I do? The check-in usually begins 2.5 hrs before take-off. At Jet Airways, we recommend that you check in at the destination at least 75 min before your planned flight departs. Check-in at Srinagar, Jammu and Leh airfields two and a half hour before take-off.

Grenade closes 15 min before takeoff. Failure to arrive at the gates in good time will not result in the passenger being taken on board and their ticket will not be surrendered or re-validated for any other itinerary.

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