Clean Air Cab Reviews

Reviews of Clean Air Cabins

Articles about Clean Air Cab. The Bullard Clean Air Boxes (CAB) offer excellent breathing air filtration in a durable, easy-to-use format. CAB is responsible for air pollution control in the country.

Cabin with clean air in Tempe, AZ with reviews

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Air Box Series (CAB) Breathing Air Filter Systems

Porcelain Clean Air Boxes (CAB) deliver excellent air purification in a long-lasting, easy-to-use package. The OSHA demands that the employer provides level 6 air to its employees who wear respiratory masks. Bulletard Clean Air Boxes feature 3-stage filtering and CO control to satisfy this need. Three-stage filters eliminate oils, waters, particles, fumes and odours.

Step One - The first filtration unit eliminates 95% of solids and fluids from the air, up to five micrometers, extending the lifetime of the second and third filtration units. Step Two - This highly efficient filtration unit eliminates particles and ultrafine mist up to a size of .01 micron.

The filtration effect is 99.9998%. Stage Three - This active carbon unit eliminates disagreeable odours and fumes from the air. Bullards Clean Air Box uses car recalibration - one of our most valuable characteristics.

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