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Fixed price taxi

The Yellow Cabs can offer a fixed price for your trip. One of the advantages of a fixed price is that you can Taxis are charged by the City of Los Angeles and other communities in which our taxis are registered. Our LAX taxi rates and Airpot taxi flat rates: I' d heard rumours about a fixed price for taxis from CDG or Orly airport to Paris.

Fixed-price and prepaid fixed-price tariffs

The Yellow Cabs can offer a fixed price for your trip. One of the advantages of a fixed price is that you can You can also use your own payment method in order to make payments. Alternatively, you can use our enhanced on-line rate calculation to obtain an estimate of a fixed price, taking into account that rates may differ slightly from the times of day and days of the week. Please note that the price may differ slightly from the price of the actual days of the year.

So just call 13 1924 and talk to a customer service representative and ask them to prepay by credit cards.

Price fixed, no surprises!

Therefore, our tagline fixed price, no surprises. Even though you would think differently, the fixed fare for taxi trips in the Netherlands is quite unparalleled. You know exactly what the trip will mean for you with every reservation. Naturally it is only possible for us to give you a fixed price if we know where you are going.

In addition to our taxi reservations app, you can also make your reservations on-line via this website. One way or the other, in order to get a fixed price, it is necessary to prebook your taxi. Find out more about the cost of your taxi journey on the page "Taxi costs". And if the qualitiy of your taxi journey exceeded your expectations, you can certainly tip yourriver!

You might need a cab right away. Alternatively, you may want to make a reservation for your early breakfast transfers to the airports. Our services are available around the clock and we do not add a surcharge for midnight trips. Taxi riders in the Netherlands are legally required to take the quickest possible way.

This is because taxi cabs that you board at a taxi stand or on the road will always use their taximeter to determine the price of the ticket. The measured price is calculated on the basis of the precise distance travelled. The price is fixed when you reserve a taxi with us.

Not only do you get a fixed price in anticipation, but you'll probably reach your goal much faster! Our calculation of the fares is based on a number of different factors. Of course, the length in kilometres of your journey is important, but offer and enquiry also have an impact.

Our riders are all independent, so they choose how often and how long they work. Therefore it is possible that the request at a certain point in our life is higher than our offer of riders. However, in such a situation we do not have enough chauffeurs to process our booking on schedule.

For this reason it can occur that the fixed price for your taxi journey is somewhat higher than you are used to. A trip from Amstelveen to Leidseplein, for example, which would normally charge you ?20, could now be offered for ?26. Quite the opposite, if there is low traffic and many available riders, the charge may be lower than usual.

The price you have received at the time of your reservation is fixed. Security of a fixed price!

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