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Search Sri Lankan Airlines' best airline ticket deals, book your flight and fly with Sri Lankan Airlines at the lowest cost. Sri Lanka's airline, the largest airline in the Maldives, is present in southern India. Multi-destination flights to the world tickets. There are other articles in which Air Lanka is discussed:

Serbian Airlines...worst airline ever - Serbian Forum

Ok, it's my turn, I have traveled 48 flights with SriLankan Airlines/Air Lanka, and NEVER have I ever had anything like a hard period with genuine poster. I' ve always found the crew always exquisite, lucky and courteous, a tribute to the airline in comparison to what others are offering! and probably much less rewarded... and I' m picky, and would consider a poor level of customer care if my selected meals were not available, and that doesn't often occur!

At one point one of my needed tax free articles was out of stock, and you know what, the ship's staff was radioing ahead of Columbo and it was awaiting me when I got off the airplane, couldn't be better than what I thought was the wait! Originally the poster experiences'may' coincide with the poor climate we had here in Britain and Europe during the Christmas season, when many Sri Lankan planes were canceled, especially to London, so flight attendants and planes were not where they should perhaps have been, and so flight attendants perhaps flew more planes because their counterparts were trapped elsewhere might certainly account for some fatigue.

In terms of upkeep, Sri Lankan airplanes are not the most advanced in the sky, and they know that and are doing something about it, but they are a representative of Airbus Industries for the upkeep of airplanes in Asia, so I would think that their technology and upkeep is probably as good as it is, and yes, they also upkeep MANY Asia airplanes.

However, this is my part, and will VERY enjoy flying with SriLankan again on my travels to Sri Lanka, they are my preferred airline to this end......

SriLankan Airlines reviews and flights (with photos)

In the early hours of August 26, I travelled to Bangaluru with another 5 of my colleagues with Sri Lankan airline companies. The personnel of the airplane was very kind and supportive. Dinner was of good workmanship. Extreme averages for an intercontinental airline, especially for a long-haul one. Eating was more appropriate for South Indian/Sri Lankan flavour nerves than for the general population.

Veggie choices were bad and spirit choices were better. My personnel was welcoming and the laundry room was neat during my plane ride. Special care was taken by the crews, who asked from occasion to occasion if they were feeling well, and the services and friendliness of the place..... Traveled many occasions with this airline on this itinerary, the services have ranged from excellence down to quite bad sometimes, on the latest air services was certainly not the top notch, but still good.

But the first guest was rushing into the fact that catering and catering were almost at the same time, it's a long time.... Once before we flew with Sri Lankan Airlines and had no qualms about taking another plane with them. Our one-way ticket was quite bad, but not nearly as bad as our one-way ticket back to Great Britain. The one-way ticket.....

It was one of the better trips I really liked, especially as the meal was more like the Indian's tastes. Servicing was good and the links outstanding. Meals and drinks were of outstanding standard, as was the catering on the boat.

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