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Contact your travel agent or the SriLankan Airlines office if you have any questions. Advertising campaigns & find your air tariffs I would like to thank Tamara and her crew for making my first foreign journey a beautiful and carefree one. All of the flight and lodging was book and verified here, when I got abroad I traveled to Macedonia, Albania, Turkey and Dubai. Many thanks to Tamara and Chris for organizing this Holy Land outing.

It was a really good time and we got to know the others in the group. This was inexpensive and we really liked all the luxurious hotel we had. I am looking forward to both of you organizing another sightseeing tours to places like Prag, Fatima etc.. Our flight to Sri Lanka took us home in January 2013.

Thank you Malith Fernando once again for making such an interesting and varied journey through Sri Lanka for six whole day. Now we have some great reminiscences of Sri Lanka! Lucky with everything during the whole itinerary.

Srilanka Travel Agencies

Partnerships with all large airline companies also give you some of the best fares and offers rarely surpassed by Sri Lanka agencies. Our wide range of ready-made vacation packs also gives you the option of choosing the vacation that best suits your needs.

All our vacation packs have been carefully designed to make sure your vacation is a truly memorable one. The Mackinnon American Travels is a premier Sri Lankan tour operator with a variety of specialised corporate and recreational tourism related services. No matter whether you want to make a quick week-end stay, a corporate vacation or a private Disneyland vacation, Disneyland can meet all your needs.

You' ll find passionate employees, an intriguing view and the will to develop rewarding trips for your time. Clients have access to a range of products that include airfares, recreational vacations, hotels, incentives, visas, support and consulting as well as currency and trip insurances.

Founded in 1971, the company received International Air Transportation Association (IATA) membership in 1976. 1979 saw Max become the exclusive agent for American Express Travel in Sri Lanka.

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