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JetSmarter actually rewarded the campaign and I got an e-mail that confirms my registration! I' ll submit this under the good news to be truthful, but JetSmarter, a corporation that calls itself the "Uber of Private Jets," offers a three-month basic subscription for those who have the top rank of having 1,000,000,000,000 frequent flyer mileage.

Ordinary members get free admission to a restricted range of Jet Shuttle services under three hour and two empty legs. Probably only useful for a fistful of folks, but I've never seen such a handsome stats game on offer. You get basically free air travel on a private jet!

It' s so easy to take a private jet free of charge

In order to be able to understand what JetSmarter has to say, it is first necessary to have a fundamental knowledge of how JetSmarter works. In the JetShuttle section you will find a list of the places that are available with routine planned private aircraft to a multitude of locations around the world, and here members can again travel as often as they wish free of charge. JetShuttle services departing from London include frequent services to Paris, Ibiza, Geneva and Nice.

Several hundred of these free tickets were made available. It was still possible at the release date to reserve a free spot on a Friday mornings flight from London Luton to Glasgow aboard a 12-seater Legacy 650 plane. Normally, JetSmarter members who could not get a free place would have to spend $1,134 per passenger to travel this itinerary.

Free other UK departures still available are a Friday evening depart from Paris to Biggin Hill on a four-seater Citation Mustang (a $2,994 per capita flight) and a Friday evening depart from Inverness to Bournemouth on the same brand of plane (usually $1,080). Americans can take free travel throughout the country, from Dallas to Tulsa, from Nashville to Memphis, from Jackson Hole to Aspen, and from Zurich to Munich and from Milan to Genoa.

Travelers have until Sunday, August 14th, Wednesday night to take advantage of the promotional discount and must make the necessary payment when they book JetSmarter travel through the application. London Luton offers frequent services to Dublin, Geneva, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona and Paris.

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