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Sri Lankan Air customers enjoy a range of benefits from seat upgrades to free fares in five membership categories. City of Chennai to Colombo Flights, Tariffs @Rs.3542.0 + Up to 20000 AUS

Pricing is warranted only at the moment of sale. The Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is known as the gateway to the south. Chennai is at the core of Tamil culture because of its culture and tradition. Chennai, the capitol of the state of Tamil Nadu, is also known as India's 4th biggest town.

It is a prime example of deep-rooted tradition and civilization. Old palm trees along the roads, lovely sandy shores and friendly welcome show the true colors of this charming town. Elongated golden sandy shores and luxuriant verdant meadows provide plenty of tranquillity. It' s a great joy to enjoy an evenings out with your lover at dusk.

This will be an memorable experience of your lifetime as you move along the shores of Chennai's beach and hold your partner's hand. This is a very vibrant town, attracting not only travelers from India but also from all over the globe. Chennai has many sights to offer in order to make your holiday a great one.

These are all rides that will certainly give you the chance of a lifetime. For those who enjoy spending free wildlife times, there is Guindy National Park and Snake Park, where you can find various animal and bird varieties. Chennai's most popular celebration is the "Pongal", which is held with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm.

Although the city's weather stays warm throughout the month, the best period to come here is the winters. Starting with flight ticket to reservation of a room, this on-line travelling platform provides you with all tour-related information to make your holiday even more pleasant. Here you can easily reserve your complete route with a few clicks.

Columbo is one of the most beautiful towns in Sri Lanka. As the most populous town, Columbo is also the economic and finance centre of the state. Surrounded by nature, stunning sandy shores and ancient palms, you'll find a sense of suspense in your daily lives as you move around the town with your family.

It is also a touristic centre of the land as it has a number of attractive destinations that draw not only travellers from neighbouring lands but also from different parts of the globe. Here you will find a great historic past that makes it a multi-ethnic and multicultural town. Enjoy the beauty of the countryside of this great capital and the tranquillity of your souls.

Fort, Pettah, Galle Face Green, Slave Island, Mount Lavinia, Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara, Dehiwala Zoo, National Museum, The Viharamahadevi Park, Wolvendaal Church and Hindu Temples are some of the best places to spend a wonderful day in this town. Between October and January the weather stays comfortable.

One of the best things about this seductive and enticing town is that it is well linked to all the important parts of the globe. This is where all the main carriers operate their services. In order to make a booking for your flight or hotel to Columbo, you only need to take a few simple clicks on this website. What are the daily frequencies from Chennai to Columbo?

From Chennai, there are 44 daily departures to Colombo. Which is the minimum fare I can get next weekend from Chennai to Colombo? Minimum fare for the flight from Chennai to Colombo is 3779. Which is the best fare from Chennai to Colombo today? The best price you can get is 9416.

Zero for flight from Chennai to Colombo.

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