Charter Cargo Plane

Cargo charter aircraft

What does it take to charter the entire cargo plane? Depending on the airplane dimensions and the distances needed to reach and from the points of collection, arrival and departure to the airbase. This was one of the most complicated cargo services ever performed by a freight company and the charter price for the AN-225 was well over a million US dollar.

C-130H cargo plane. Personal handling of cargo planes: Fokker 27 with a payload of 4 tonnes, Boeing 737 {say payload of 10 tonnes}, Boeing 727 (PL 20 tonnes), B 747 (PL 50 tonnes). The charter fee does not only depend on the payload but also on the distances and times required, the land, kind of cargo, spoilable or hazardous goods, etc.

Hazardous goods such as acids, radioactive cargo, plasmas are subject to different rules and fees.

Charter solutions for air freight - specialists for air freight

Over 45 years of cargo charter expertise means that we work with customers and seasoned airlines to organise the supply of your time-critical cargo, large and bulky cargo, human goods and all other kinds of cargo. Our cargo charter services make sure that all your cargo reaches its destinations on target and on target, from automobile parts and production material to power supply structure and life-saving relief goods.

Analysis of routes, payloads and timeframes to suggest the most appropriate freighter for your needs. For ad-hoc, high seasonal and commercial cargo, we can also organize partial charter, backload and other commercial innovations. In the last ten years, we have won more than 20 leading charter rates for our services and innovations, among them sector distinctions from Air Cargo News, Climate Cargo Week, Payload Asia, STAT Trade Times and TIACA.

No matter what your freight charter needs are, our dedicated staff is at your disposal.

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