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License | Hackney Council Our company manages a broad spectrum of private and corporate licensing, from the trade and sales of alcoholic beverages to the ownership of pet porn. Rooms such as Pubs, Bar, Clubs, Restaurant, Takesaways and Off-Licences must request a licence from the Council. There is a private licence issued to an individual to sell liquor to the general population.

An operating site licence allows operating sites to be used for one or more licenceable operations. Rooms inhabited by a recognized Rotary club and usually used for the purpose of a recognized Rotary Club shall be issued with a Rotary site charter. Temp Events allow licensed activity to be carried out for a maximum of 168 hrs if there are no more than 499 persons present.

License Policies describes our policies for deciding on license application under the License Act 2003. Requests submitted under the 2003 Approval Act. This tax allows us to increase revenues by prosecuting anyone who is entitled to dispose of alcoholic beverages between 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock in the morning. When you have an operating license or a certificate of membership and are entitled to resell liquor on one or more dates during the year between 1 min after 12:00 a.m. and 6 a.m., you must make an extra yearly payment.

This tax is on all of Hackney. They shall also contain information on the licence requests currently being dealt with.

Coach Hackney and personal car rentals and driving licenses

Fill in the following form in full and submit it to the approval authority together with the appropriate fee: Applications must contain a photo and the applicant's license for use of the Digital Video Library (DVLA). For the first use, a total of six points is allowed. The family doctor will levy a doctor's fees for this physical exam, based on the applicant's suitability to have a Hackney licence or to rent a car privately.

Individuals in possession of a recent LGV or PCV driver's license must consult a doctor every three years in accordance with any other claimant. The doctor is needed every year from the age of 70. Every new candidate for a Hackney Carriage or Hire vehicle licence must successfully complete a test to guarantee a high level of driver skills.

A new applicant may be exempted from the obligation to take the test if their own licence authorises them to operate large motorcycles, small busses or coaches. Provisions for carrying out the test should be made with the licence team - this can be done at the same times as the police record search.

Candidates driving privately rented cars are only obliged to take test (iv). Claimant must receive an extended DBS Checks from the Disclosure and Barring Service. These checks, together with a self-declaration for all new riders and every three years when renewing their driving licence, are compulsory.

During the intermediate years, a sworn statement must be made when the license is renewed, in the attendance of a sworn agent or attorney. The DBS request form and guidelines can be obtained from the licensing team. Authorities will review all condemnations taking into account their own policy statement (PDF: 42Kb 4 pages) and the recommendations of the Ministry of Transport Circular 2/92 and the Ministry of the Interior Circular 13/92.

An individual with a recent serious criminal record does not need to be excluded on a permanent basis from receiving a licence, but is likely to be free from convictions for three to five years, depending on the situation, before an appeal is accepted. Since 1 December 2016, immigrant controls have been an obligatory part of the approval procedures for taxi drivers and landlords under Section 37 and Annex 5 of the Austrian Emigration Act 2016.

That means that we as the authorising body are forbidden to issue driving licenses and operating licenses to anyone who is illegal in the UK or who is not allowed to work in the industry. The right to work in the UK will be examined as part of your licence request, which may involve the Approval Board, which will review your immigrant visa with the Home Office.

Applications will not be deemed admissible until all the necessary information and originals have been made. Where there are limitations on the duration of your work in the UK, your licence will not be granted for longer than this one. However, under these conditions, the review will be reviewed each and every times you request an extension or renewal of your license.

If you are excluded from possession of a licence during this time because you have not respected British immigrant legislation, your licence expires and you must surrender it to the permitting authorities. Please note that in order to be able to operate privately rented vehicles, the applicant must first be registered as a privately rented car.

Prior to making such an request, you must consult the Planning Department about the modification of the use of the real estate. We are committed to protecting the information we hold about the government assets it manages and may use that information to prevent and detect frauds when applying for a license.

More information can be found on the National Fraud Initiative page of our website or by contacting a member of the license group. The Equality Act 2010 ("the Act") allows municipalities to keep a register of taxi wheelchairs and car rentals. See our vehicle lists for the purpose of S165 of the law.

Should you discover an obvious bug or a deletion from the listing, please consult a member of the license team. It is our legal obligation to keep a registry containing information on the various licenses granted. Should you discover an obvious bug or a deletion from the registry, or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a member of the licensing team.

Following car inspection bodies are authorized by Eden County to test Hackney (taxi) and personal rental cars.

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