Minicab Driver Requirements

Requirements for the Minicab driver

Career Requirements found the following articles and links useful. Application for a driver's license to drive taxis, black cars, limousines, ambulances or commuters. Information on taxi and private rental licenses. Private car rental permits allow one person to operate any private rental car licensed by that authority.

Rent a driver for your car rental service Driving license for your car rental service

You can book a privately rented car from the general public via a privately owned landlord who carries out privately rented work. It is not possible to rent personal rental cars and they cannot use taxis. In order to ensure the security and privacy of the general public when driving a privately rented car in Thurrock, you will need a driving license from us.

In order to be eligible as a driver, you must: Verify that a loan driver is privately owned and licenced by us. There is a guideline and terms regarding the rental of a driving licence:

Taxi- and Minicab-Driving License

The license is necessary before a passenger can operate a privately owned, licenced rental car. Prior to granting a license, the requester must confirm this to us: The license is necessary before a passenger can ride a registered Hackney coach ("Taxi"). Prior to granting a license, the requester must confirm this to us:

With this license a single individual can operate a license holder driver and/or privately owned rental car (see above for more information). Prior to granting an authorisation, the notifier shall demonstrate to the Council that:

TDBC Taxi Driving License

You will need a driver's license if you want to take a cab or rent a car. Before you can start, you must have a full British driver's license for at least one year. It can take between six and twelve months for us to obtain your license.

You will only be granted a license if we believe that you are a "suitable" individual under the circumstances: You must carefully check our "Taxi Handbook" before registering. Our guidelines in this paper describe how we handle requests from individuals who have medical problems or are being prosecuted.

You can use our guidelines on how to submit an enrolment request to obtain a driver's license. Fill out the entire claim document, with the exception of questions to the health professional. You must ask your family physician or another physician to perform a health check on you and fill out this part of the paper.

In addition, you must fill out an Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) request document. Note the information on completing this blank and the verification of your identity. In addition to the request and the DBS-Formular, you have to foot a registration-fees.

There are £251 in the price of applying for a 3 year taxis permit. For information on how the Council composes its charges, see Guidance on fee contruction. As soon as you are prepared to send your resume, you will need to get in touch with us to make an appointement. You must supply us with at least three proof of your identification papers during the meeting.

It is a request of the DBS procedure and we will inform you of the kinds of documents we can agree to when you get in touch with us to make an arrangement. If you have not provided sufficient ID, are not able to afford the fees or have not filled out the form, we will not approve your request.

As soon as we have receive a complete job offer, we will mail you your DBS-Formular. Follow the progression of your DBS online publication with your DBS online forms number. Possibly you will be asked for a "Knowledge and Suitability Interview" in which you have to prove that you have carefully studied and understand the license terms included in Annex 1 of the "Taxihandbuch".

When we are pleased to provide you with a license, we will endeavour to provide you with a hard copy license and tag within 14 workingdays after your choice. A license certificate and identity card will be sent to you. This license has a term of three years. Approximately two month before the license expires, we will send you a letter reminding you to extend the license.

With this license you can rent your own car as well as your own car. They must obtain a Hackney driving license or a personal rental car license for each car they use.

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