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Upgrading to a 0 private jet.

However, an upgraded private jet is even better. In the near future, Delta Private Jet, a wholly owned affiliate of the carrier, will be offering some travellers the opportunity to update their business tickets to take a private jet that would otherwise be empty. Privately owned aircraft often leave empty when they have to set down a passenger in one town and then collect the next passenger in another.

"Assuming we had 50 planes today, these would produce 30 to 31 empty routes across the country," said David Sneed, Delta Private Jets CCO. Now, those who travel to the same town as an empty private jet can equip their plane. For Delta Private Jets, the average jet price per hour can begin at $6,700.

They are to be flown from Atlanta to New York City while an empty private jet flies to the Big Apple. You will receive an email with a paid update at least 24 hrs before your trip. As soon as a passenger has accepted the purchase, anyone who owns a purchase from the same individual can also be retrofitted.

So, if you fly alone, you will enjoy your own private jet. Upgrades include transport from the airfield to the private aircraft area at the airfield and in-flight meals. Private flights also mean skip the safety routes at the airports. You can only update already embroidered Delta (DAL) planes, and there is a hierarchical structure.

Passengers with Delta Private Jet Cards starting at $100,000 will receive preference. In order to receive silver, the cheapest locket state, travellers must travel 25,000 mileage or 30 routes this year and also pay $3,000 at Delta. "I feel that we will not see that many silver medallions have the possibility to upgrade," said Sen.

For Delta, it is a win-win situation: it will put more passengers in the luxuries of private aviation while compensating for the empty leg costs, and the aircraft can sell the passenger's now updated business ticketing. It has 66 aircraft in its various size and range fleets and will operate 52 incoming and outgoing flights under this new programme, but there are expansion projects, said Mr Snow.

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