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Latest and largest business jets redefine freedom, comfort and convenience, driving the private aviation industry faster and further than ever before. The Most Luxury Privately Owned Jets 2018 in Singapore Airshow The year 2018 is accounted for as the tent year for business travel. In 2018 there will be not just one, but three new personal jets flying into the air in 2018, and they all have good reason to be on your checklist! At the Singapore Airshow we went to see these manufacturers to see what the latest offers are.

The big brothers of the best-selling Citation Latitude, this supermiddimensional plane will have a 3,500 nm sky cruising distance with 4 people. With one of the quieter staterooms in its category, this aircraft does not require any noise-reducing headset. Featuring 14 large window areas, the cab offers enough lighting to make you stay cool.

This is the minimum cab height in its category. You' ll sense 5,950 ft height as you fly 45,000 ft height. 3,500 miles with four onboard. The Gulfstream G500 will be based on the Gulfstream G450 and will be certificated this year. The 91 foot long aircraft has a top velocity of 0.925 Might, quicker than your standard passenger aircraft.

And with 8 aboard, you could travel up to 5200 mph, allowing you to travel non-stop through Africa, Europe and most of Australia. These long journeys require an ubiquitous connection to the web, and Gulfstream has a connection 34 x quicker than the competition, making it easier for Netflix to relax!

Deluxe features are increased by the caboose and toilets on the boat with their finish in natural stone. Every two-minute 100 percent clean room ventilation so you get a feeling of freshness on the street. At a top cruising pace of 0.925 Mach, this aircraft should be able to get you to stylishly and without stopping around half the globe!

This 111-foot long aircraft has the broadest cab in its category, with room inside to accommodate four compartments, each of which can be customized to meet your needs. So you can go to the Club Suite, the business suite on the airplane, and join a business dinner in the fully equipped six-person dinner room.

It'?s just normal living, except at 51,000 feet cruising height. Inside there is room for 19 persons and the crews have their own quiet area. If you want to make yourself at home, you can even include a standing douche. Our kitchen is well equipped and has enough room and gear to cook the most careful meal on the plane and serving it during the flights!

It'?s the only plane with four real habitats on it.

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