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The Airbus Corporate Jets business unit of Airbus SAS, part of Airbus, markets and completes business aircraft variants from the parent company's Airliner programme. ACJ319neo order for Airbus Corporates Jets A new A319neo [1] order for Airbus Corporation Jet (ACJ) was received from an Airbus client in Asia operating from a conventional business jet, underlining the attractiveness of the tried and tested cabins and enhanced reach of the family's business jet. With this order, new and current clients have now placed a grand total of nine orders - three ACJ319neo and six ACJ320neo - for the new ACJ320 series.

Among the customer base are Acropolis Aviation, Comlux, K5 Aviation and unnamed customer. "ACJ320neo Family benefits from the growing demand for bigger cabin sizes in top-of-the-line business aircraft and offers even more continental reach and efficiencies in an already highly appreciated and dependable aircraft," said John Leahy, Airbus Chief Operating Officer Customer.

Capable of flying eight 6,750 nm/12,500 km or 15 hour flights, the ACJ319neo brings most of the globe into non-stop reach. It will be complemented by the ACJ320neo, which will carry 25 guests 6,000 nm/11,100 km or 13 hrs. Delivery of the ACJ320neo will begin at the end of 2018, while delivery of the ACJ319neo will begin in the second quater of 2019.

ACJ320neo Family offers the most roomy staterooms of any business jet, while being comparable in scale to large competitor staterooms and offering similar operational expenses. ACJ320neo Family can do this because its lower service and education expenses - part of its airline legacy - in combination with propellant, navigational and airborne fees cause similar overall expenses.

Today, almost 10,000 Airbus jets are in operation around the world, backed by a global spare parts supply chain and dedicated flight schools that provide unprecedented local assistance to business jet operators. Business jet aviation clients also profit from tailor-made solutions such as the "one call handle all" Business Jet Client Center (C4you), tailor-made servicing programs and the ACJ Business Jet Center Net.

Coupled with the intrinsic dependability of airplanes engineered to perform multiple daily flights, the ACJ320neo is both reliable and available when needed by the customer. The Airbus company jet belongs to the most advanced airliner series in the word, which offers functions as series production that either costs more or are not available from the competition.

Over 180 Airbus company aircraft are in operation on all continents, of which Antarctica is one, underlining their flexibility in difficult conditions. The Airbus Corporation Jet (ACJ) offers clients the world's most exciting flight experience by offering them unparalleled knowledge, best services, best technologies and the utmost business diligence.

Airbus company jet airliners all come from the most advanced jet families on the airfield. Dedicated to Airbus' best-selling market-leading airliners, they will always be located near Airbus' worldwide service capabilities, meaning that wherever they decide to operate, they will be served around the globe and around the globe.

Offering the widest selection of broad and roomy cabs to clients, the CCJ Series offers inspirational and endless opportunities to create truly one-of-a-kind rooms that provide the best levels of convenience and functionality. For those who want even more room for even more people, you can choose one of ACJ's broadbody VIPs that also delivers "nonstop to the world".

Consumers who choose to buy more than one piece of equipment with our products are investing in the near term.

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