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Enjoy the incredible beauty of #SriLanka with the national AirTaxi service of #SriLankanAirlines. The flights are operated by our codeshare partner Cinnamon Air. Cinnamon Air's latest tweets (@CinnamonAir). Cinnamon Air, but in AirTaxi colors.

Sri Lankan Air Taxi - Cinnamon Air

The Cinnamon Air Taxi is the new luxurious Sri Lanka carrier. You have one foot or great enjoyment, eight passengers Cessna Amphibian and Grand Caravan aircraft. Between $170 and $256 per capita. His going to be a festivity for sure however if you are impoverished then our trip a long taxi will beat your leisure will be a luxurious one.

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Safran Aviation (Pvt) Ltd., which administers Cinnamon Air, is a JV between John Keells Holdings PLC (JKH), MMBL Leisure Holdings and Phoenix Ventures Limited. Cinnamon Air meets the need for a quick and effective air taxi operating to Sri Lanka on home ground and provides a comfortable connection from the island's most important Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) to some of the country's most remote destinations.

The Cinnamon Air (

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Air Taxi Service Sri Lanka - Cinnamon Air

The Cinnamon Air is a local Sri Lankan air taxi company that offers regular day to day air services as well as luxurious privately chartered air services and sightseeing tours between its hubs at Bandaranaike International Airport (Colombo International Airport) and Sri Lanka's most quaint destinations. Cessna 208 (8 passengers) amphibian caravan fleets and Cessna 208B (8 passengers) Grand Caravan fleets, with the possibility of landings by sea and by ground, are designed to disembark on commonly used sea currents destined for amphibian planes, allowing access to many parts of the territory with complete facility.

Cinnamon Air had planned two trips to Sri Lanka to help me get the most out of my Sri Lanka vacation. From Koggola to Kandy, the first, as shown in my movie, was with one of their amphibian planes. Surprisingly, I was the only person to travel this stretch today and I felt very much like a privat jumper.

Seeing the plane landing on the sea at a Sri Lankan airbase, with signage pointing around not to go into the sea as the sea contained alligators. Once the incoming arrivals had disembarked from the plane, they went ashore to be refuelled before I was permitted to get on.

There was a short security check and a reminder of the alligators in the sea, so don't bother if we landed on the sea. It is more of an air taxi than a full air carrier, so don't wait for your drink of bubbly or a quick bite to eat on it. From Cinnamon Air we offer regular services every day to important Sri Lankan cities.

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