Srilankan Airlines Air Taxi

Sri Lankan Airlines Air Taxi

Not only can this save you time, it also gives you the opportunity to see the island from the air. In Sri Lanka there is an air taxi service for the benefit of foreign tourists and locals via the Sri Lankan airlines at an affordable price. Travelling by Air Taxi - Sri Lanka Forum Anyone know the approximate costs for the air taxi of the Sri Lankan airlines from Colombo to the landing near the Yala National Park (Weerawila or Dickwella)? The search for returns costs and flying time, if anyone knows it, did not seem to find this information on-line? Hello, threads contains (in the replies) the timetable of Air Taxi to Dickwella and the timetable AND the prices (until the end of February) of the Heli-Service to Weerawila.

Prices of the helicopter are probably also more or less suitable for air taxis, 285 US dollars per passenger and one way. Happy birthday, hello, I have the impression that the air taxi is not the kind of achievement SriLankan Airlines was expecting. You can find them on their website - srilankan. aero/asp/gprs_flight_info_frm.asp - they plan to make round trip Koggala-Dickwella-Colombo-Dickwella-Koggala every working days, but on the real date the flight has gone.

It is not possible to book a flight on-line (random data for Bentota and Koggala do not provide results) and Dikwella (DIW) is not even available in the reservation machine. Employees may also delete postings that do not comply with our policies, and we retain the right to delete any submission for any reason. However, we will not delete any postings.

Exactly like other contributions for this competitor: registered as canned meat. Turists ask for a planned air transport and not for personal charters, to which you refer:-((((((((( From almost any household you think of 1000-2000 dollars for a 45-minute flight.....). Greetings, .....and unearthing 7 month old contributions to send your spams.

Employees may also delete postings that do not comply with our policies, and we retain the right to delete any submission for any reason. However, we will not delete any postings. From November 2010 to February 2011 Deccan had planned helicopter trips from Tangalle to TIA via Bentota and Galle. Did you mention the regular services to Nuwara Eliya?

Water planes in Sri Lanka: A new air taxi shuttle is on the move | Travel

At Koggala Sea, near Galle, I saw for the first glimpse the floatplane that was to take me to Sri Lanka's luxuriant and moderate Teeland. When I saw the airplane hovering on two huge jetties, its wing resting on a 15-passenger hull, I was taken back to a period when aviation was still an adventurous experience when I stepped on an airplane in the midst of the roaring sound of the rushing beaters.

I' ve wanted to explore the Sri Lankan mountains for a long time, although I will be travelling from Colombo to Kandy and then on to Nuwara Eliya - during an exhilarating adventure - I can enjoy myself on your outing. Therefore, on a recent journey, I chose to see the land from the skies by choosing SriLankan Air Taxi, a little-known floatplane taxi that offers tours from Colombo to the seaside cities of Galle and Tangalle as well as the hillside cities of Kandy and Nuwara Eliya and Dambulla, known for their cavern shrine compound, for the cost of a rental vehicle.

The SriLankan Airlines floatplane services were established in 2004, but were immediately discontinued due to the prolonged conflict that ended in 2009. It was relaunched last year, but its inventory is still under the radars. From Colombo it is now possible to travel to Jaffna in a Cessna run by ExpoAir ( and another seaplaning flight will start in early 2013, Cinnamon Air (

During a spicy Fischcurry on the porch of the carefully renovated Amangalla Hotels in the Netherlands fortress in Galle, I envisioned my live in Wars Ceylon after reading about Sri Lanka's floatplane bequest and Leonard Birchall, the WWII Canada pilots who recalled himself as the "Saviour of Ceylon". In 1942, after taking off from Koggala Sea, about nine nautical miles south of Galle in a Catalan "flying boat", Birchall discovered a "black spot" on the skyline which turned out to be the Japan Navy whose coordinates he returned to Colombo before being fired (he survived).

Today Koggala is still a marine centre and serves as a take-off and landing strip for Sri Lanka Air Taxi. So I took the early night trip to Colombo for £40. It only took the airplane a quarter mil to take off. Approaching Colombo, the pilots pushed the aircraft to the right and we followed the coastline to one of Sri Lanka's two locations in the city.

Due to the fact that the arrival of a hydroplane is dependent on level of sea, current and view, the flight plans of the air taxi are flexibly, the base is variable. There are two more base in preparation, one in the Colombo Fort city centre and another at the Colombo Fort and at the IFA. At the stopover, the Canadian George McBain tells me that although he is operated by SriLankan Airlines, the entire operations - the aircraft, crew, service - were hired from Kenn Borek Air, a Canadian charters carrier specializing in Twin Otters.

It rents the same aircraft that host depots for hunts and fisheries in the west of Canada and Alaska, and supports research in Antarctica. There'?s no other airplane in the whole wide open air life that can go where it?s going. "From Peliyagoda at one of the elbows in the Kelani stream in a Colombo outskirts, we went to Kandy.

When I turned the huge mills under the look of a Buddha stationary as five of my guests were checking in, posing for images on the jet and inspecting the airplane, I saw a Buddha stand up. From Colombo we were flying northeast to the hill, we came in and out of the sky, the airplane was running smoothly along the breeze.

Near Kandy we climbed down between the tall shrubs that line a stowed section of the Mojaweli stream. About 50 local people waited at the wharf for the airplane to arrive and took photographs with their cell telephones. Saleh al-Estry, an Omani traveler who was on my airplane, said the trip was "fantastic".

Said he happened to click on the floatplane symbol on the Sri Lankan website. "and I thought, "I should try this," he said. "It'?s fun that no one in Colombo knows about it. "After a stroll around Kandy Sea and a visit to the Temple of the Holy Tooth Relic, allegedly home to one of the Buddha's teeths, I got on a platoon for the former Nuwara Eliya ski jump, Sri Lanka's most famous mountain base.

Following a overnight stay at Hill Club, a vast cold bunch where our beloved waiter serves our guest sea food in a traditional restaurant called Termidor, I made my way back from Gregory to Colombo. Travelling by seaplane now felt experienced. It was George McBain, the airline driver, suspecting he'd see me again.

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