Srilankan Airlines Online Check in Ticket

Online ticket check-in at Srilankan Airlines

As I was printing my e-ticket, I noticed the following requirement: This is the one that offers the lowest Srilankan Airlines tickets, see our Srilankan Airlines ticket prices. Sri Lanka airlines online check in????

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Sri Lanka Airlines online check in??? hi everyone, does anyone know anything about the Sri Lanka Airlines services? is it good? do you think we should do the check in online or at the airports? what are the benefits? if anyone can help.... Re: Sri Lanka Airlines online check in????

Check-in online is a must, but normally you can only do it if you are on a UL ticket (i.e. you will know that your ticket number would precede UL), if you are on a BP ticket (referred to as bm) you cannot check in online. You have to pay this at the aerodrome.

Re: Sri Lanka Airlines online check in?? Thank you for your answer. Re: Sri Lanka Airlines online check in???? When you check in online, why would they be charging you additional at the airports? Not Sri Lanka, but I flew with many other airlines and always check in online, and never had a problem........

Re: Sri Lanka Airlines online check in???? When you ask your tour operators to give you your location number, as JustPassing says, you can call Sri Lanka on 0208 538 2001 and ask them to book the desired number. You do not have to pay any fees and I found them very useful.

For example, the catch is that Kuoni seems to be blocking the booking spaces and will or can give you this number only a few days before your trip, thus limiting the choices, but much better than having to wait for the plane. Re: Sri Lanka Airlines online check in????

The last times we flown with them, we received a seat number from Hayes and Jarvis and were able to make reservations online about 6 week before our flight. Then we no longer dealt with the online check-in. Re: Sri Lanka Airlines online check in???? There are no fees charged by Sri Lankan Airlines for sitting together, but the downside is that if you booked your seat in advance, you may not get two together at check-in.

The best thing for you to do is to get to the terminal early and be there as soon as the checkout starts. It would be even better to ask for bulkhead seating (row 50) at the windows. Re: Sri Lanka Airlines online check in???? Re: check in Sri Lanka airlines online?? we checked in at Heathrow 3 hours before and got the places we wanted and on the way back from Male, again no line up, got the places we wanted......... took a moment in each direction and was the fastest check in the long distance I have ever seen...... both planes actually took off early if I recall correctly and the meal was the best on any pigeon.

However, the conversation was the poorest and the fits a little thin, but much pitch, I thought. Re: Sri Lanka Airlines online check in???? We won't be travelling with them until April next year, but we've already reserved our places. but at least we know we're gonna be sitting together.

Re: Sri Lanka Airlines online check in???? Could someone tell an old-fashioned woman something about online check-in? I' ve (hopefully) reserved my places in both directions. Which does it mean, is it useful to make online bookings, does this substitute going to the desktop, where are pockets placed?

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