Air Travel Websites

Flight travel websites

However, not all travel websites sell tickets; some redirect you to the airline's website for purchase. Recent updates allow airlines to show their competitors' tariffs on websites only.

With a new softwaresolution carriers have the possibility to present their competitors' flights on their own websites. Travelaer, a leading European e-commerce company, has selected El Al, Israel, as the main flyer for its Right Fall product. "This means we're speaking with many carriers, but I still can't say which ones are public," said Mike Slone, Travelaer's CIO.

Right and Right allows carriers to respond to a query by showing both their available routes and those of their rivals. A carrier may select to show results from a competitor. Thus, for example, an air carrier, said Mr. Slone, may decide not to notify the competitor's operations if these operations are cheaper by a certain percent than their own operations.

Consumers organisations Air Travel Fairness Coalition and Travelers United voiced concern about the Right Flight Modell. They can also be used to allow travellers to check the leg room and flight plans of the carrier they are looking for against those of their rivals. Mr Shone said Right Flight "improves the airline's conversion rates, provides crucial information and helps save them money".

Mr Richard Harris, CEO of Intent Media, a travel site information sciences firm, said Right Flight as a piece of softwares is part of a burgeoning travel room trends where the boundary between legacy web browsers such as meta browsers and Google is blurring with e-commerce websites such as airlines and MTAs.

That' s why you see these things like metasearching carrier pages," Harris said. With Travelaer, we promise to raise airlines' rate of currency exchange, not only by adding information for travelers, but also by assisting carriers in using it. If, for example, an air carrier specifies a value so as not to show less expensive competitor tickets, it can monitor how often Flight Right shows and does not show competitor tickets on a particular flight and provide invaluable information.

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