Fly around the World Ticket

Flying around the world ticket

The ANA Round the World Award -- Best Way to Discover the World The ANA Round the World Awards from LA: 8 stops for 115,000 mile. This ANA Round the World Awards trip would include 8 stopovers: And it would be 75,000 in Economy, 115,000 in Business Class and 180,000 in First. The ANA Round the World Awards - What is it? ANA Round the World Awards Charts are dark jewels that don't get much exposure (which is a good thing).

The ANA Round the World Awards Charts are in most cases better than the AA Explorer Awards Charts. The ANA Round the World Awards Charts - Worthy of an ANA Prize! ANA Mileage Club's old distance-based map (or something very similar), which ANA had sent into retirement before revising its programme.

It' good to know this diagram still exists. ANA and Star Alliance carriers can only be used for the ANA Round the World Ticket. If you see how few mile you have to go around the world to get a round-trip ticket, you will see the value immediately.

The ANA Round the World Award card can be used exactly as you did or would have done the ANA Round the World Award card if it hadn't been shot so abruptly. When you are a world traveller who travels most of the street, that is not really a matter. Any Star Alliance carrier can fly in America, and you can fly United or Air Canada between the USA and Europe.

United or Air New Zealand can fly to the South Pacific, or Air China to China and ANA to Japan and some Asian destinations. This is on a higher side of reason, but the accessibility of business class in Turkey is phenomenonal. Keep in mind that the RTW ticket doesn't allow you to backtrack, so if I get it right, you can't fly via Japan to Hong Kong if your general heading is east.

If you don't have all the world' s free times to use up to 8 stops? Would I be better off with a standard ticket or the ANA Round the World Awards? I' m going to Israel in spring 2017. One of the most intriguing places on earth where I have never been is Israel, and now I have no longer any excuses. What is it?

It'?s a long ride. In other words, a combined trip, because it is difficult to find a non-stop trip to Israel, even on a bus. Please be aware that in each case I will spend 9,000 Avios and a hefty 180 dollars on a 45 minute Business Class between Amman and Tel Aviv.

Yes, I could make it hard in the business world, but they never seem to open economies. I have to fly business for 45 mins, and that's not my decision. 104,000 leagues and about $471 in business change - the simple way. Alternatively, I can go this way and spend less in kilometers and money by taking my outbound trip from Europe, but I have to find my own way from Tel Aviv to Warsaw.

Whilst ANA does not let you fly in one direction, it splits your mileage according to the region where you fly in and out. Business Class flights to the Middle East are 104,000 mile, so my JFK-AMM route is 52,000. My European trip is 88,000 mile, so my arrival from Europe to JFK would be 44,000 mile.

96,000 mph and $322 in business, but I have to get from TLV to WAW alone. Alternatively I can try the third way and even get a little less, but then I have to make a booking for a seperate Avios flights between Tel Aviv and Berlin. 96,000 mph and $315 for flying United in the backend.

Why is it possible that LOT and Turquoise tickets are only slightly more expensive than Turquoise and United tickets? It' not too much, but United isn't adding anything. How come the United is only $7 less expensive than LOT's? However, remember that in the last 3 sceneries I would have to make a booking for a separated trip between Israel and Europe.

You could fly for 10,000 Avios to Berlin, or for 25,000 United Meilen to Warsaw or Istanbul (the prices are on the bus). I look at the 106,000-121,000 mile issues plus $315-$470 in each one. Choosing a return journey, I take the first one. Entire travel is under 20,000 airline miles and would only charge me 115,000 ANA Business Grade points, provided I can find room for awards for all of these categories.

A few hundred bucks would be added to the bill for tax and petrol supplements, but we are discussing visits to 4 amazing towns for about the same kilometres as a round tour. Maybe there is another way - in the truest sense of the word! I decided to go to Petra before going to Israel instead of following the advice of an friend who had gone the same way.

Otherwise, I have a few workingdays before the conference and a few workingdays after the meeting, but I know I'd rather be exploring Israel after the meeting because I'm sure I'll take up some clues. Stops in Seoul, Istanbul, Jordan and Tel Aviv. This journey drops below 17,000 mileage, which means it would take me 105,000 ANA business class mileage and an open pine between Tel Aviv and Berlin for 10,000 Avios.

So it' not like jeting around the world would actually saving you a bunch of mileage, although I'm sure you could find these really nice places if you try.

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