3 Hour Taxi Ride Cost

3-hour taxi ride costs

3, 11.50 $, 13, 41.50 $, 23, 71.50 $, 33, 101.50 $, 43, 131.

50 $. Using our taxi tariff calculator, you can instantly get a list of taxi tariffs by comparing British taxi companies. It is not necessary to sign up so you will get your unique taxi rate in 3 steps. 3) In all other cases, the price is: $2.50 for the first 1/8 mile or less; $0.25 for each additional 1/8 mile; $21.00 for each hour of waiting ($0.35/min). Passengers over 5 years: 0. 0. 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Airports from/to:

There are many cabs on St Croix and it is simple to organise a taxi to take you to your accommodation and back as well as to the cities of Christansted and Fredriksted. Find taxi ranks on King Street in Christansted and Strand Street in Fredriksted and at the international airports to take you to your destinations at any moment.

In St. Croix there are also several taxi service available to prepare a pick-up or a personal group transport. The taxi fares below are up-dated every few month but are changeable without prior notification. Prices are for 1-2 passengers, with the cost for extra passengers in brackets - e.g. for 2 passengers travelling from the airport to the Buccaneer is $20, plus $10 for each extra one.

Please also see the extra charges, tariffs and specific terms below. Taxis Supplementary charges, prices & specific conditions: Tariffs for areas not included in this timetable shall be calculated using the location of the nearest town with a tariff that crosses to the location of the next town with a tariff that is as close as possible to the passenger's final point.

No taxi rider may reject a person during normal working hours unless the person is drunk and disordered or in possesion of a domestic animal (other than a seeing eyed or working dog) which is not duly restrained in a cage. Supplementary charges for the cattery grounds as follows: Applications for taxes on calls made by telephone or wireless will be invoiced at the fares plus 1/3 of the base rate.

When you want to take a taxi to yourself, the exclusive taxi tariff for 4 persons will be computed. Baggage fees: There is a $2 per piece charge for each traveller. Price for articles greater than 30" x 29" must not be more than $4 per case. rates per hour:

Limousine / Mini Van (1-4 passengers) - $40, Van (up to 14) - $55, Safari (up to 25) - $80. Tariffs for extra passenger are agreed between the taxi company and the passenger. Trips take about 3 hrs and prices are as follows: Fifteen to four people - $100; five plus people - $20.

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