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It is the second biggest carrier in India. Headquartered in Mumbai, the company offers some 300 regular domestic services a day to over 70 worldwide locations, as well as domestic services mainly to Delhi, Calcutta, Chenchai and Bangalore. Airways' primary base is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, but Jet Airways also has 6 secondaries.

Among these are Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Abu Dhabi Airport, Chennai Airport and Indira Gandhi International Airport. From November 2016, Jet Airways will be flying to 68 major cities such as Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Colombo, Kathmandu, Dhaka, Abu Dhabi, Ahmedabad, Amsterdam, Bengaluru, Chicago, Dammam, Dallas and many more. Airways a mis en place un système de partage de code avec vielen Fluggesellschaften, darunter Air Berlin, Air Canada, Air France, All Nippon Airways, Alitalia, Bangkok Airways, Qantas, Malaysia Airlines, South African Airways et Vietnam Airlines. Jet Airways est le partenaire idéal pour les voyages d'affaires, les voyages d'affaires, les voyages à forfait ou encore pour les vols de ligne.

Jet Airways has one of its main hub airports at Brussels Airport, serving as a gate to Europe and North America. Currently, Jet Airways has a frequently flown programme named JetPrivilege. The JetPrivilege is an award-winning airline loyalty programme that offers tremendous advantages and rewards, which include various cancellations, lounge options and free pointing.

As of today, Jet Airways will no longer carry "intelligent" baggage for passenger use. As of Tuesday, Jet Airways is to offer a 30 percent rebate on ticket prices for flights internationally, the airline said in a newsflash. Jet Airways said the seven-day deal will allow customers to make significant cost reductions on selected global services during the wintry season.

Air fares are available for Amsterdam, London, Paris, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore. Sales are also open for nearer locations via Jet Airways' non-stop services to 11 Gulf locations, such as Abu Dhabi, Bahrain, Dammam, Doha, Dubai, Jeddah, Kuwait, Muscat, Riyadh, Sharjah, as well as Colombo, Kathmandu and Dhaka.

"Passengers of the carrier can now experience the luxuries of buying their favorite brand items from the partners' duty-free shops on-line to have their items shipped on the plane during their trip. Indeed, customers with verified reservations on selected intercontinental routes can pre-book their orders for duty-free on-board items on the airline's website () for their flight deliveries," the carrier said.

The Jetclaims is the first Indonesian company to provide a pre-order service that helps its customers reduce flight times at the airports. "At the Jet Airways JetBoutique on-line induction ceremony, Jet Airways customers shop at JetBoutique on boarding bridges. com can take a 10% introduction rebate while they place orders after searching the on-line catalogue," the airlines said.

"The JetBoutique has a powerful attraction for our global clientele. It is our confidence that the electronic edition will also reach our visitors, especially the thousands of year old travelers, many of whom would like to experience and discover more while traveling with us. It is certain that this type of catering will attract many enthusiastic people.

" First of all, customers traveling in selected global segments will have onboard supplies of JetBoutique groceries, including Mumbai and Delhi departure and arrival services. Airways (9W, Mumbai Int'l) has heralded the launch of new Tier II city services to concentrate on connecting aspiring and local Indian destinations.

India's airline will operate day to day services between Pune-Kolkata Int'l-Guwahati, Pune-Coimbatore and Bangalore Int'l with SilcharandDelhi Int'l and Jorhat. "The introduction of the new flight and frequency offerings will enhance our footprint in developing markets," said Jayaraj Shanmugam, Chief Commercial Office. "Our ability to offer our clients greater choices, comfort and connectivity will allow us to seamlessly integrate with our Mumbai and Delhi hub and our broad global reach.

" The Jet Airways home base currently includes 44 major European airports and 16 states. Airways will be adding 56 new departures this week before the next month's India holiday begins, the company said on Thursday. There will be "industry firsts" and a mixture of direct and direct connections between Pune, Coimbatore, Silchar and Jorhat.

"The introduction of the new flight schedules and frequency will increase our footprint in the developing world. Jayaraj Shanmugam, Jet Airways Chief Commercial Officer said, "We will be able to offer our customers greater choices, comfort and connectivity that can be connected to our Mumbai and Delhi hub locations and further into our broad global reach.

"Jet Airways will launch a number of brand-new services from Pune to connect the Oxford of the East with Guwahativia Kolkata and Coimbatore. Jet Airways will also launch other remarkable new services between Bengaluru and Silchar, New Delhi and Jorhat," said Jet Airways.

It is also adding non-stop frequency on certain legacy itineraries such as Pune-Kalkata, Jaipur-New Delhi, Guwahati-New Delhi and Chennai-New Delhi, which reflects the increasing need for its service to meet the needs of its customers. Jet Airways' non-stop service from Pune, Jet Airways' 09W 363, starts at 2355 hrs and reaches L'Coimbatore at 0145 hrs (next day).

9W 364 will fly 0305 hour from Mitimbatore and 0455 hour from Pune. The 9W 364 will then travel to New Delhi and arrival early in the day at 7.40am. 9W 363, on the other side, will take off at 2115 hrs from New Delhi. The Jet Airways service to Guwahati 9W 2486 starts from Juneat 0355 hrs (except Tuesday) and arrives at 0820 hrs.

Tuesday the Pune departure will be at 0255 h to reach Guwahati at 0720 h. Jet Airways9W 2474 will fly back from Guwahati at 1915 hrs (except Tuesday) and will be arriving in Pune at 0005 hrs (next day). Tuesday the Guwahatiat 2010 hour departure plane lands in Puneat 0025 hour (next day).

Jet Airways plans to increase frequency to cover the growing demands for connections from aspiring metropolitan areas in order to improve connections on current itineraries. Jet Airways, for example, will launch the second and third non-stop flights between Pune Kolkata and Delhi Guwahati. From Pune, the 9W 2486 takes off at 0355 (except Tuesday) and arrives in Calcutta at 0630.

Jet Airways 9W 2474 will leave Calcutta at 2125 a.m. (except Tuesday) and reach Pune at 0005 a.m. (next day) on its way back. Tuesday the Puneat plane departs 0255 hrs and lands in Calcutta at 0530 hrs before leaving for the 2155 hrs homeward leg.

The 9W 7026 from Delhi will fly 1140 hrs to Guwahatiat, while the 9W 7027 from Guwahati will fly 1330 hrs to Delhi every morning. Airways is also introducing a 7th flight rate in the New Delhi - Chennai area. The 9W 829 will leave Delhi at 2145 hrs and reach Chennai at 0035 hrs (next day).

The 9W 828 will leave Chennai from Jet Airways at 0210 and reach Delhi at 0455 on the way back. Carrier is experiencing increasing passenger traffic and has launched an 8th traffic in the Jaipur - New Delhi area. The 9W 2169 from Jet Airways leaves Delhi at 0130 hrs and reaches Jaipur at 0235 hrs.

Back from Jaipur, 9W 2170 leaves at 0345 hrs and arrive at 0450 hrs in Delhi. The IndiGo was the first carrier to show interest in purchasing debt-laden Air India. Min. considers investing in Jet Airway to achieve a significant global presence if it does not succeed in acquiring a participation in debt-ridden Air India, reports InterGlobe AviationLtd-run IndiGo.

The IndiGo was the first carrier to show interest in purchasing the state-owned Air India. On the other side, Jet Airways and Air India have routes that fly across the Asiatic mainland. Because of its air traffic control privileges and slot allocation, IndiGo is only interested in Air India's global company and said the company will retain Air India's trademark for global operations, the report said.

IndiGo will be negotiating to divide Air India into four parts according to Indian geographical location and purchase one together with the multinational company if the Indian authorities request the carrier to commence both national and multinational activities, the reports continued. IndiGo will only look for other options if this does not work, including Jet Airways.

ICAO China Eastern Airlines will be operating Jet Airways' Delhi-Shanghai Pudong and Calcutta-Kuming services. Jet Airways, sponsored by Naresh Goyal, and China Eastern Airlines have begun codesharing in the midst of growing animosity between the two nations over the building of a highway near the Bhutan trijunction crossroad. China Eastern Airlines will be operating Jet Airways' Delhi-Shanghai Pudong and Calcutta-Kuming services as part of the previously entered code -share agreement.

Jet Airways will serve the Delhi-Bengaluru, Delhi-Kolkata and Delhi-Mumbai flights of the Shanghai-based carrier. Jet Airways' spokesman said that the two airlines had started operating their flights within the framework of the mutual code-share agreement starting today. Jet Airways clients will now be able to travel from New Delhi and Calcutta to the Chinese towns of Pudong and Kunming without interruption.

Similarly, Jet Airways' services to Bengaluru, Calcutta and Mumbai will connect New Delhi with China. Interventions between India and China began on 16 June after the China troops tried to construct a street near the Bhutan Triangle. Indians have been protesting against the building of the highway because they fear that China could restrict India's entry to its northeastern states.

December 31, 2017 is the last date on which you can use Jet Airways to collect mileage. Reward tickets must be purchased and ticked by this date. The trip is for one year from the ticket date, but must be completed by 31 December 2018. US airline passengers can collect and spend mileage on Jet Airways home departures, and between India and Asia, Europe and the US there are no other affiliates in India, meaning that Jet has made the final move to end the relationship.

Scheduled to leave Chennai at 1:45 am, the new Jet Airways 95W128 jet will be arriving in Paris at 8:10 am LA. 9W 127 will leave Paris at 10:00 in the reverse order of traffic. 10:00 and reach Chennai at 12:15. New services are designed to take advantage of the increasing overseas recreational and corporate tourism needs and to bring arriving European tourism via Chennai to the South Indian area.

Airways announced that it plans to convert its aircraft to a pure jet aircraft after it was reported that it intends to decommission its Avions de Transport Régional Turboprops aircraft. Fifteen ATR72-500s and three -600s are currently operated by the airline on regular airline services linking India's Tier I with smaller Tier II and III destinations.

Planes are retired as Jet Airways has decided to concentrate on its global operations base. Jet Airways is therefore obliged to hire overseas pilot personnel to fill the positions on the ASTRs, resulting in higher running costs. Jet Airways is progressively substituting the existing Airbus B737s for bigger B737s on selected destinations such as Delhi Int'l-Bhopal, Pune-Hyderabad Int'l and Kolkata Int'l-Aizawl.

ATR' s Mumbai Int'l and Calcutta base sites were also shut down to anticipate the possible decommissioning of the ATR. A third day's non-stop flights between Mumbai and London will be launched by Jet Airways, which will adjust the times of the two non-stop flights on the routes.

9W118 and 7W120, departing at 1255 and 0145 from Mumbai to London, will take off at 1310 and 0230 respectively from the end of October. 9W117 and 9W119 returns, currently leaving London at 2120 and 0930, will start 15 and 25 min respectively later.

Following the successful launch of the Multiflyer, Jet Airways has expanded its ticket sales service for regular customers traveling between Oman and India. The Multiflyer service provides a significant benefit to those traveling between Oman and India, enabling them not only to flexibly schedule their journey back, but also to make significant cost reductions.

Visitors using this feature may alter the date of their departure from the date initially reserved at no additional charge. Jet Airways can offer its customers both an Economy and a Premiere Multiflyer, according to reservation category. In order to use a multiflyer for economy trips, passengers must make and purchase two/four round trips (4/8 coupons), while two, three or four (4, 6 and 8 coupons) round trips are possible for a Premiere Multiflyer.

The Multiflyer package is available from mid-March until 31 May for Jet Airways services to India. Visitors can buy Multiflyers not only at Jet Airways ticket offices, but also in tourist agencies. Visitors must make sure that the booking for the first trip is made before arriving in India.

For the 2017-18 academic year, Jet Airways has extended the range of its highly acclaimed educational jet system, i. e. the range of eduJetters. From this year, pupils who take advantage of the e-Jetter scheme will be able to use it on Hong Kong Airline code-share services to/from Hong Kong. EducJetter already offers significant student benefit when traveling with other major carriers such as KLM, Delta Air Lines, Etihad Airways, Qantas, Air France, American Airlines, United Airlines, US Airline and Air Canada that provide significant student transportation to the institution of their choosing.

Join Jet Airways to expand its JV to provide more opportunities for travelling between Europe, India and North America. Recently, Jet Airways joined forces with Air France, KLM and Delta, but only for Mumbai and Delhi flights. As from October, connections with these three airlines will also cover non-stop flights from Chennai and Bengaluru to Paris CDG and Amsterdam.

Prohibition has increased the number of passengers between India and the USA. Airways has heralded the introduction of 2 new non-stop services between Chennai and Paris and Bengaluru and Amsterdam. New services start in October 2017 - Jet Airways 9W236 leaves Bengaluru at 2.25 am and arrives in Amsterdam at 8.35 am.

Jet Airways will be departing from Amsterdam at 10am on the flight back. Fifty (local hour there) and arrival in Bengaluru at 12.40. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and Delta Air Lines operate these services together. The 9W128 will leave Chennai at 1:45 and reach Paris at 8:10.

At 10:00 in the morning, Jet Airways will be returning to Chennai at 12:00 at 09:127. 15.00 (Air France and Delta Air Lines will be code share partner for these flights). Airways has recently confirmed that it plans to launch non-stop services to Paris and Amsterdam as it intensifies its partnerships with the Air France KLM Group and Delta Air Lines.

At Schiphol (Amsterdam) and Charles de Gaul (Paris) Airport, Jet Airways has acquired a number of slot locations. We have also worked out our plan for flying directly from Bengaluru to Amsterdam and from Chennai to Paris. Everyday non-stop services to Chandigarh and Jaipur were started to further develop connections in North India.

Our new plane - Nine-Watt 2262 - leaves Jaipur at 2 p.m. Five to get to Chandigarh at 3:35. Depart Chandigarh for 4 p.m. on the way back, departure of scenic airplane line 2163. This new service will provide more comfort to travelers and is a new Jet Airways policy to launch non-stop air travel between destinations throughout India.

Baghdogra is a gateway to the touristic destinations in Sikkim and Darjeeling, therefore the new East India tour will open up. Teaming up with Jet Airways to offer Fiji and India comfortable connections via Hong Kong and Singapore, Jet Airways has announced a code share agreement with Fiji. Airways a mis en place un système de partage de code avec vielen Fluggesellschaften, darunter Air Berlin, Air Canada, Air France, All Nippon Airways, Alitalia, Bangkok Airways, Qantas, Malaysia Airlines, South African Airways et Vietnam Airlines. Jet Airways est le partenaire idéal pour les voyages d'affaires, les voyages d'affaires, les voyages à forfait ou encore pour les vols de ligne.

Jet Airways has one of its main hub terminals at Brussels Airport, offering a gate to Europe and North America. As of March 25, 2017, and in accordance with the U.S. Department of Homeland Securities (DHS) supplemental safety procedures, Jet Airways customers traveling to the United States of America are encouraged not to take the below mentioned portable electronics as cabin luggage on a Jet Airways from India connected to or departing from the United States via the following U.S. flights: Jet Airways will not be permitted to take such equipment as cabin luggage until further notice:

Traveling Jet Airways customers from India who are dispatched to their U.S. destination via the above named airport may not carry electronics larger than the capacity of a smart phone in their hand luggage and/or in their personal belongings. This list of constrained elements contains, but is not confined to:

In order to prevent discomfort while travelling to the United States, Jet Airways customers should make sure that the above and other usable equipment is placed or stored as part of their check-in luggage at the originating Indian base. It is not Jet Airways' responsibility to store the equipment and subsequently return it if the customer fails to meet the above requirements, which may lead to the customer being refused transportation at the point of passage and/or being required to hand the equipment over to the appropriate authority at that particular location.

November 2016 - Jet Airways, India's leading global airline, and Kenya Airways, Kenya's leading airline, today announce an extension of their current collaboration by incorporating code shares on Jet Airways' internal services between Mumbai (BOM), New Delhi (DEL), Ahmedabad (AMD) and Hyderabad (HYD) to improve the choice of connections for travelers from Kenya to India.

Under the terms of the deal, Kenya Airways will place its KQ on Jet Airways' seven day services between Mumbai and New Delhi, five day services from Mumbai to Ahmedabad and five day services between Mumbai and Hyderabad for trips beginning November 15, 2016. Jet Airways, India's leading global carrier, today announces the start of a one-day non-stop service from Bengaluru to Singapore in November 2016 with effect from December 14, 2016, further strengthening its services throughout the ASEAN area.

From Hyderabad, Mangaluru, Coimbatore and Thiruvananthapuram, the new service will connect passengers to Singapore via Bengaluru. From Bengaluru Kempegowda International Airport, Jet Airways will take off on route 09W 024 at 1110 and arriving in Singapore at 1810. At 1915 (LT) Singapore will be left by flights departing at 1915 (LT) and arriving at Bengaluru at 2115 (LT).

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