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Are you looking for Jet Airways flights? Flights with Jet Airways - Useful information for flights with Jet Airways Jet Airways (India) Ltd. is the legal entity's primary postal adress. Airways links its clients via various types of softwares, such as Facebook, Orkut and Twitter. Travelers will also find information about the airlines of Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, Foursquare and Flickr.

Ticket for Mobile Airlines Apps: Premium and First-class international travelers can book their flight between 48 and 2 hrs before take-off, while 24 to 1 hrs before take-off are available for economic travel.

On flights within India, passenger may postpone check-in at the airports until 45 min before take-off. When confirming their flights at the airports, boarding and landing should be done at least one flight minute before boarding. Travelers who choose to check-in by phone can call the carrier 48 to 1 hr ahead of travel if they are Première, Konnect, JetPrivilege Platinum or Gold members.

Members may call 24 hrs to one hrs before scheduled flights to check-in for flights abroad. Air status information: Travellers can access their information on-line, by phone or via the company's own portable application. Information on flights include arrival, delay and cancellation. It is reported that the rate of punctual departures of the business is 76 per cent.

Currently, Jet Airways has the same amount of arrival times. Travelers travelling to and within India for travel to destinations internationally can take a carry-on luggage on board the plane. The JetPrivilege Platinum, Gold and Première customers can take along handbags weighing 22 lbs or less. Air travelers on short-haul flights are restricted to carry-on baggage measuring 19 inch x 17 inch x 7 inch or less.

The JetPrivilege Platinum, Gold and Première members can also take a notebook case on board. As long as the pockets are 50 lbs or less, Jet Airways allows customers to inspect two pockets at no surcharge. Any passenger checking in luggage weighing more than the company's maximum load will be subject to an overcharge.

Passengers may take on board breakable or sensitive objects if they block the adjacent seats. Travellers can carry sports gear aboard their flights with Jet Airways. Passengers with sports gear longer than 62 inch will be charged an extra $150 US Dollars.

Once a passenger has checked in on-line, they can choose their place. Jet Airways also provides comfortable and basic sitting solutions. Skyguide's business jet on its home flights has three adjacent 30 inch reclining cabins for added convenience. Travelers switching to Première chairs have privileged entry to luxury, extra-wide chairs that lean back in an angled position that allows them to unwind.

It provides berths for its first-class customers on intercontinental flights, while Première customers have roomier seats than those on economic flights. Instead, the tickets would have to be cancelled and the travellers would have to make a new booking. Kids travelling on a Jet Airways aircraft are entitled to a specially designed children's dinner.

Adults must order food at least 24 hrs before the scheduled date of travel. JetPrivilege member airlines may provide discounts and promotional gifts to JetPrivilege members, but the carriers do not currently provide discounts for older people. In order to transport a domestic animal in an aircraft, the owner must take the animals with him in an authorised transport undertaking.

Travellers can carry home made dog, cat, rabbit and bird on flights within India. Pets, however, can only send home made pets and kittens on flights internationally. Booking of animals must be made at least 72 hrs before take-off of the aircraft. In addition, Jet Airways provides customers with connectivity to a grid that allows them to connect their Apple portable equipment.

At Jet Airways, we offer our clients a reward programme named JetPrivilege. Once registered for the programme, travelers can collect Jet Airways and JetKonnect mileage depending on their travel activity. On board its flights, the carrier provides a variety of cuisine. Thus, for example, travellers can select dishes with diabetes, gluten-free or vegetable food.

Two different JetWings and JetBoutique periodicals serve Jet Airways aircrafts. Airways has alliance agreements with Korean Air, Qantas and Brussels Airlines as well as with KLM and Alitalia. It also has a wholly owned affiliate JetKonnect. On April 1, 1992, Naresh Goyal founded Jet Airways. Almost a year later, on 5 May 1993, the firm commenced operations on a fully fledged basis.

It began with a small aircraft of four Boeing 737-300s that it had rented from Malaysia Airlines, and in January 1995 it was granted full corporate airline designation by switching to regular flights. Jet Airways' most important junction is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport, in Mumbai.

Bruxelles Airport, Chennai International Airport, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kempegowda International Airport and Indira Gandhi International Airport are the company's secondaries. Indira Gandhi International Airport is located in Delhi. Travellers can also recognise the aircraft by its marine and golden accents and by the ribbons of each aircraft in either colour.

Airways Q&A: Interna-tional travellers can take a carry-on case and a small piece of baggage, such as a notebook case, with them on the company's aircraft. The JetPrivilege Platinum, Gold and Première customers may take one carry-on case and one notebook case aboard flights within India. Others may take a handbags with them.

What is the check-in policy for Jet Airways? At Jet Airways, our customers can make their check-in arrangements either on-line, by phone, at a Jet Airways desk or at an international terminal. The passenger must arrive at the ticket office at least one hours before the flight. Travelers using other check-in procedures will be asked to certify that they will fly with the carrier 48 to 2hrs prior to flight start, based on seat category and award state.

How can I follow my flights? It has a portable application that can be downloaded by customers. It shows detail about the current state of the aircraft and transmits notification about the current state of a passenger's aircraft. What other airlines are partners with Jet Airways? Airways has partnership agreements with Air Canada, Korean Air and American Airlines as well as with United Airlines and Air France.

What's Jet Airways' phone number? In order to call Jet Airways, clients can call 1-877-835-9538. Before making a reservation, please verify all charges and particulars with your carrier.

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