How much is a 25 Mile Cab Ride

What does a 25 mile cab ride cost?

One mile cab, $2.25, $1.80-3.00. Nine miles, $2.

50, $22.50, a nine-mile cab ride in Richmond VA costs $25. Twenty-five dollars is the base rate for taxi rides to Charlotte. This slot fell to Copenhagen, where a five-mile trip costs an average of 34.08 pounds, or 6.82 pounds per mile. Taximeters typically calculate per tenth of a mile (sometimes every quarter, fifth, or even eleventh of a mile).

15 most costly taxis in the whole wide range from airports to cities.

Economical travelers would do well to refrain from taking cabs from Tokyo's Narita airfield, according to new research. According to the survey, a cab from the major global airports connecting the Japan metropolis with the center of the country could throw you back almost 200 pounds. However, the 41-mile trip was not the most costly when measured by the costs of the mileage.

A five-mile journey averaged 34.08 pounds, or 6.82 pounds per mile. In the study, the price of taking a cab from the main European cities and the remainder of the globe to downtown areas, some of which are favourite places for UK tourists, was assessed.

Scientists in Europe found that the most costly total cab ride was from Oslo Gardermoen International Station, with one trip being £73.45. From Sofia International in Bulgaria to the Bulgarian downtown, the lowest priced cabs were £2.17, followed by Bucharest in Romania (£4.79) and Istanbul (£6.01). Outside Europe, Indira Ghandi International in Delhi offers the lowest cost cab fare from the Delhi International Airports to the Delhi Downtown for just £2.69 for the 10-mile trip.

An 18 -mile cab ride to Bangkok in the centre of Thailand is £5.63 from Suvernabhumi Thai International Airports. Heathrow taxis would have taken fifth place in the most costly chart (see below), with a 15-mile trip averaging about 57 pounds, the study being conducted by Moneycorp, a bureau de change.

$2.50 for the first 1/4 mile and $0.40 for each further 1/4 mile. What would it take to drive 6/5 miles? (277349)

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