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Prepare yourself for the day of the Airbus Assessment Center! Exercise the Airbus tests such as SJT, numerical and oral reasoning tests that will appear in your selection process. Captain was Airbus chief test pilot Nick Warner, an American.

Testing program and certifications

Aeroplane test campaigns are used to evaluate general operating characteristics, operating efficiency, aerodrome sound emissions and system operations during standard operations, from breakdown situations and extremes, to certifications by AAA. The A380 XWB's analyses comprised tests in Iqaluit, Canada; height analyses in La Paz, Bolivia; and a warm climate survey in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates.

The A350 XWB was also the first Airbus plane to fly to the McKinley Climatic Laboratory in Florida. Additional certified flying test activities include low velocity launching test, low velocity take-off test, low velocity launch test, low velocity launch test, flutter test and rejection of take-offs and landings. Besides the whirling experiments necessary for approval - behind the plane during take-off - Airbus also carries out an extended range of test and measurement in this area.

For the A320neo Family, test flights involved the validations of the new LEAP-1A and PurePower PW1100G-JM generations, which include lower levels of combustion and ecological footprints with lower NOx emission and sound, as well as the quality and capabilities of ground services and the operations of equipment such as the auto-pilot.

testing engineer

It is a leading provider of aerospace and related engineering related products andervices. The Airbus fleet comprises the widest choice of commercial jets from 100 to over 600 passengers. It is also a market leading company for tankers, fighters, transportation and missions in Europe, the number one aerospace company in Europe and the second biggest aerospace company in the globe.

Airbus offers the most effective civilian and defence helicopter rotary wing solution in the world. Within CRISA in Tres Cantos - Madrid there is a job advertised for a test engineer. As part of the aerospace electronic equipments engineering process, the test engineer is responsible for qualifying the designs on the basis of engineering and qualifying schemes such as EBB/EM/EQMs, as well as the approval of aircraft Flight Delivery Devices (FMs).

The Test Engineer therefore participates in the following actions in different phases of design, within an expanded teams of test engineer and technicians: Creation of VCD, EGSE specification and test plan. Prepare and validate test sequence using EBB, EM,... simulation model or test setup.

Prepare the Tesability Test and define the Acceptability Test Action at Executive Committee Management Tier. Conducting integrative, qualifying, protoqualification as well as final inspection testing via appropriate model (EQM, QM, PFM, FMs), which includes the design of the equipment required for the manufacture of tools, vibrations and thermic devices. The test is carried out in cooperation with qualified test and inspection engineer and technician.

The test procedure requires a high degree of focus and diligence in handling and operating the delivered products. However, some may require two-shift testing during certain stages of the test cycle (or test themselves as a thermic vaccum campaign). Rummage through the Airbus jobs section to find the best place for you!

Regardless of whether you are looking for a position in the employment section or want to join our talent bank, you need to establish a talent set on the employment section. As soon as you have sent in your resume, it will be reviewed by our recruiting group. The Airbus Group is dedicated to employee variety and the creation of an integrated working atmosphere.

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