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Selling 6 passenger planes

On this page you will not find any information why we offer 235 jets for sale. However, there is only room for 6 people. A private jet's purchase price is only a fraction of its acquisition cost. 6,000 USD Rivertown Antiques & Estate Services.


Aircrafts for sale

  • Airframe TTSN 6.174 / 4.764 landings - P&W 306B engines, phase IV upgrade - Airframe TTSN 6.163 / 5.222 landings - P&W 306B engines, phase IV upgrade - MTOW 15.660 kg (34.524 lbs), FL 350 - Airframe TTSN 11.740 / 11.730 landings - P&W 306B engines, phase IV upgrade,
  • Mig 15,660 kg (34,524 lbs), FL 310 - Airframe TTSN 20,672 / 19,822 landings - P&W 306B Phase IV engines retrofitted, - Mig 15,660 kg (34,524 lbs), FL 310 - Airframe TTSN 13,512 / 13,898 landings - P&W 306B Phase IV engines retrofitted,

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Getting your business done with as much expertise as possible is critical. We have acquisition specialists on your side as consultants to ensure that all your responses are challenged. Your responses must all be Inquired. Our aim is for you to get the maximum value for your return on your investments and we want to make sure that this is a sale that makes business sense, meets your needs and makes you feel lucky for the life of your property.

  • Do you know all the fix and floating charges associated with the sale? - Would it be sensible to buy a medium sized jet and rent a medium sized jet? - Would it make more sense to buy a lightweight jet and hire a commercial aircraft?

Refinement of architectural openings

Honda has also further advanced several aviation aerodynamics technology features that allow the airplane to continue flying and cause less ado. The seating concept and the panelling lay-out were designed from an ergonomical point of view by looking at the movement of pilots and passengers from all possible angles.

Also, it reduces emissions of nuisance by combining the Over-The-Wing motor mount with noise-damping motor inlet ports that liner the motor to reduce airfoil and duct air emissions, resulting in lower internal and floor floor noise. Additionally, it reduces the amount of heat emitted by the motor's exhaust blades. It retains its seating for up to seven passengers and has a belt toilet.

Because of the progressive over-the-wing engine mount construction, the belt mounted toilet is one of the quieter in the lightweight jet class in its class.

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