Aircraft Charter Florida

Florida Aircraft Charter

Our services cover Florida, the Bahamas, the USA and beyond. Journey with style and luxury on charter flights to Florida. Obtain an offer for your Florida charter flights today. We are a full-service aviation company with capabilities ranging from aircraft charter and sales to management with aircraft in Tampa.

i class="fa fa fa-certificate"> FAA-certified aviation company

All in all: We are fully licenced, covered and very skilled in the aircraft charter world. Ideal for private or professional use. Headquartered in Miami, responsible for Florida and the southeast of the USA. You' ll enjoy the comfort of flight according to your itinerary. Our headquarters are located in Miami, Florida, at Miami Executive Airport (formerly known as Tamiamiamiami Airport (TMB)).

From our Miami office we serve all of Florida and southeast USA. Although our aircraft (Cirrus SR22) is able to travel anywhere in the United States, our aircraft is most effective at 500-mile ranges. Due to FAA limitations on aircraft with singles engines operating above sea level (beyond the glide path to landing), we do not offer services to the Bahamas in our Cirrus SR22.

Which plane are you using? Our aircraft is the Cirrus SR22, a technologically progressive aircraft. It'?s like being in a deluxe wing plane. It' s quick, convenient, air-conditioned (the Florida summer is hot) and has Bose headset Sat Nav so you can listen to your favourite music in peace and tranquility. Often we can take more with us according to the duration of your trip.

How are your opening times? We operate our aircraft normally from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. every day, but of course we operate outside these times if your journey demands it. However, during our regular office opening times we are available for short-term departures. You got any bigger planes? When you have more than three people or otherwise need a bigger aircraft for your journey, we can organise this for you through one of our carriers.

Our company cooperates with several other regional aircraft charter companies with a wide spectrum of aircraft and crew experience. Full prepayment for your ticket is required unless you have a commercial bank with us. When you book your flights, let us know if you need land transport at your final destinations.

We also organise transfer to or from airlines' terminal when you depart or return from a plane. Miami International Airport is where we do this a lot. If you have any particular requests regarding your flights, please let us know. A few clients ask us to fly over a land marker to take photos or if a certain individual can be seated next to the pilots during the trip.

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