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I' d like to open up a taxi company with a collection truck. So why isn't this already being done, and what prevents it from becoming a success? Although it may sound like a sound approach and in theory a strong point, there are a few things you need to consider that will hopefully clarify why this is not happening: 1. Insurance agreements - I think this is one of the simplest grounds for listing, but the demands that obviously vary from state to state and from business to business will clearly be most difficult to meet with a pool of cars that are without default security characteristics.

This would be awesome and perhaps decent from the customer's point of view, but the level of risks associated with a high kilometre taxi ride is not beneficial to something that cannot at least partially safeguard a traveller. Repairs and Parts - Let's say you set up this firm, and your 20 car hire business dating back to the 1980s will manage to find an insurer willing to cover you.

Forgotten to lubricate or lubricate the various parts of the suspension, your shop technician has also forgotten to make sure the time was right and the distribution points are clear. Obviously old cars not only need more work in relation to servicing, but they are also volatile beings that are prone to cause a headache if not completely cosset.

Myself I have 4 cars made before the 80's and none will run unless I do the same as a 737 pre-flight overhaul. If your vehicle pulls up in front of a 2-lane tunnels on a Wednesday at 6 pm, the old cars will immediately remind you why you should have used them.

Therefore, it is not effective, both in terms of timing and costs, to operate old cars as driver's compartments. Did you also take a few moments to look for parts for the cars you wanted? When you havent, just recall that the simple repairs that can be done by your technician on a Victoria Crown 2004 will be a week-end or more long pains in your arse once you recognize that the part is in a scrap yard on the other side of Nebraska (ask me how I know).

Kreatur comforts and riding impressions - most classic cars have no A/C, working radio or electric window lifters, and for those who do, good fortune to bring it to work. Although old cars enjoy small splashes of great wheather and good condition, they suck when you have to get to grips with them.

What takes me to my next point: 4th performance and handling - One thing I like about my vintage cars is the link I have with the roads and the circumstances around me. There'?s so much excitement, so much feed-back, and so much ardour when you drive a vehicle that has no servo steer, no servo brake, and no electronic to help with it all.

That' s amazing from an enthusiast's point of view, but is that really something you want to tackle from a day-to-day, intensive riding view? There is a motive why servo steer and servo brake were created, as well as anti-lock braking system to keep you from entering the young girls writing SMS and not watching in front of you.

Keep in mind that old cars are old cars for a certain purpose, they are tucked in a time when the tech was suited to the terms of the street. Of course I appreciate this ardour and the alcove that could be, but keep in mind that old cars are old for good reasons. Keep in mind, the purpose of a company is to become a profit, and if it doesn't make a dollar, it doesn't make sence.

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